Tips For Choosing Your Interior Design Style

The way you present your living space often says as much about you as your hair style and clothes with the difference being its not as quick or easy to change it if your mood changes so you should definitely spend some time thinking about your style before picking up a paint roller.

Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash

It can be hard to know where to start though especially in your first home. Thankfully there are lots of resources to help if you don't have a natural talent for bringing together a room or series of rooms.

Try interior design magazines, Pinterest and interiors websites and bloggers for ideas which you can translate into your own style.

I'm a big fan of vintage, granny and shabby chic styles and love hunting for classic and quirky pieces in charity shops, vintage stores and even antique shops where you can often pick up pieces which are not really antique or are in less than top condition.

Free recycling sites online are another good place to keep and eye on whatever your chosen style. Often people outgrow a theme or get tired of it and will often give stuff away free or very cheaply to have it quickly out of their way.

You don't have to stretch one style across your entire living space or even in the same room. Mix and match can work very well especially if you work across the same colour palate.

My friend has a beautiful house with a 70's vibe in one room featuring some real design classics from that era while her traditional farmhouse style kitchen has some cute kitchenalia ranging from French pieces to enamel and copper.

Her husband's vision of the garden was pure Japanese and he has worked hard to create a koi pond, tumbling streams and even a garden studio in Japanese style.

The Japanese style is generally very clean and simple yet sophisticated. Object Space Place Japanese interior design brings together Japanese style and mindset to create beautiful spaces.

You can go full Japanese style with screens and furnishings or bring a taste of the east to your space with a beautiful Bonsai or silk wall hanging.

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

Another popular style is Scandinavian which hand in hand with the concept of the  "hygge" (cosy and comfortable) lifestyle can lend itself to a truly welcoming home.

Pieces in Scandi style can of course be picked up in the famous big blue and yellow store but the trend is so popular you will easily be able to pick up cosy rugs, snuggly throws and lanterns in pretty much any High Street.

Coming up to Christmas you can makeover your living space quite cheaply for a temporary Scandinavian look which lends itself well to the festive season.

The final thing to remember is if you are on a budget you can choose a few key pieces, or a colour theme with accent pieces like cushions and rugs in your preferred design style to refresh your look quite cheaply.