Overeating at Outside-In Food Court, Portsmouth UK

We had big plans. We were going to visit the super secret cocktail bar, Broken and Repaired, in Southsea with my son and his girlfriend who live in the area. But although our plans went awry, luckily Southsea has lots of amazing places for a big night out so we still had a fantastic evening.

Prosecco bottle at Outside-In Food Court, Portsmouth

Turns out Broken and Repaired had a private party in but the lovely lady who broke that bad news recommended another new cocktail bar, Bonita's. More on that in another post.

I'm jumping ahead though.

Before cocktails we decided it would be wise to line our stomachs and since my son has done nothing but rave about the street food pop-up Outside-In Food Court tucked away in an old warehouse in Middle Street, Portsmouth.

Outside-In Food Court, Southsea, Portsmouth

Outside-in solves that age old problem of a night out with people with different tastes, appetites and budgets with an eclectic mix of food from independent traders and the best of mostly locally sourced beers, wines and spirits.

For example my son adores good quality burgers whereas I'm not so much of a fan. The future daughter-in-law (FDiL) needs gluten free offerings while I avoid dairy. My husband will eat anything apart from jellied eels.

This place can get busy and since it was Friday evening we decided to get there early and managed to get seats easily. There are menus on the tables or you could do what I did and wander down the row of stalls inhaling the delicious aromas and peeking at the dishes coming out.

My son predictably ordered a burger and hand cut fries from One Tonne Burger Co while the FDiL opened for her fave, a filled Venezuelan Arepa - a gluten free corn-based doughy bun.

madmumof7's husband at Outside In Food Court Portsmouth

Arepa2Go at Outside-In offers arepas with a variety of fillings including beef, feta, black beans and piquant sauce, black beans, fried plantain and quesa blanco and chicken, avocado, cheddar cheese and sweetcorn sauce.

After much deliberation me and the hubby opted for a platter from Dumpling Dumpling with 12 mixed dumplings, "funky asian street fries" with spicy mayo, sesame seeds, spring onions and roasted seaweed plus as Asian summer salad which was chilled and dressed rice noodles adorned with shredded cabbage, red cabbage, radish and a load of other yummy ingredients.

dumpling platter at Outside In, Portsmouth

Dumpling Platter at Outside in food court, Portsmouth

Add Prosecco and craft beers, a DJ playing classics on vinyl and a load of other people letting their hair down and you have the recipe for a great night out.

DJ playing off Vinyl at Outside-In, Portsmouth

Although our meals were generously portioned, we are a family with eyes bigger than our bellies and my son set the tone by ordering an arepa to chase his burger down. I decided to order churros with dulce de leche - well everyone has a pudding stomach don't they?

The churros were by far the best I have ever eaten- and believe me, I've eaten a lot of these tasty fried treats!

It all got a bit silly after that as light headed from the Prosecco and the hilarious sight of the group of playground mum-friends dancing on the tables, it seemed like a really great idea to order a round of bubble waffles ON A STICK!

I'm a sucker for anything served on a stick and these beauts from Jolly Waffle were spectacular. I chose one smothered in chocolate with sprinkles and chocolate coated pretzels AND salted caramel sauce while my son opted for an Oreo-adorned number and my husband chose coconut.

There is no way to eat these elegantly. My son picked pieces off his waffle in an effort to be dainty while I just threw caution and dignity to the winds and attacked it top-down. My husband has a beard so I'll leave it to your imagination to work out how badly that technique ended for him.

madmumof7 eating bubble waffle on a stick

By the time I'd (over)eaten all of that food I was completely stuffed. It was totally worth the restless night I endured afterwards though.

We never got to some of the traders so I'm definitely planning a return visit -it's going to be really difficult to avoid over eating again through with the combination of tasty food and reasonable prices.

If you plan to go take your bank card (no cash accepted) and wear something loose or at least something with a stretchy waistband. You can reserve tables for parties of eight and more and children are welcome - there are high chairs and toys and colouring books available.

Be aware that traders change so food mentioned here may not be available when you visit. Check the website for up to date opening hours and trader information.

madmumof7's eldest son

madmumof7 and husband at Outside In, Portsmouth

madmumof7 and the FDiL at Outside In, Portsmouth

Disclaimer: I was not paid or rewarded in any way to write this post.

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