White Spiced Rum & Tonic anyone?

I'm a big fan of a gin and tonic but I'll admit Ive never thought about choosing a rum and tonic.The ix is the suggestion of Silk Road Distillers who have announced the launch of a brand new category of spirit, white spiced rum. (ad)

Silk Road White Spiced rum bottle

The brand has created a blend of 6 vapour infused botanicals sure to transform the way we think of rum. Their aim is to show that there is more to white rum than coconut and it deserves the attention of the sophisticated pallet in 2019. 

So what is white spiced rum? You’re used to spiced rum being sweet, dark and ruled by pirates. Silk Road’s White Spiced Rum is a delicate, light and more refined alternative. 

While ingredients are added to the liquid itself when producing traditional spiced rum, Silk Road’s White Spiced Rum’s flavours are vapour infused during the distillation process. They also boast that this process allows them to reduce the amount of sugar added to their rum post distillation.

Each batch of Silk Road is crafted in small quantities, then hand bottled and labelled. This gives the master distiller the opportunity to ensure that each bottle is of the highest quality, a luxury not all brands have.

The London based spirits company took inspiration from their founder’s world record cycle around the world by tandem. His favourite part of the journey was the days spent tracing the Silk Road as they headed eastwards from Istanbul. This inspiration is celebrated in the geometric design of their label, which they hope will catch the eye of drinks connoisseurs.

“Our drink was created out of the love we have for rum and our passion for the vibrant and beautiful cities along the Silk Road that we were fortunate enough to pass through on our world adventure. We now want to use this passion to spearhead a revolution in rum that is long overdue,” - George, Silk Road.

When asked how to serve their rum, they said, ‘Rum and Coke is a drink of the past, you’ll be a convert when you try a Rum and Tonic’. The complexity of the rum with the quinine in tonic, means they make for a superb pairing. ‘Swap out your Gin for a Rum and you won’t turn back’.

With the number of craft rum distilleries growing, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re about to see the start of a big change in the rum world, just like beer and gin have been through in recent years.

You can find their rum exclusively online at www.silkroaddistillers.com.