5 Things You Should Never Do While Wearing a Cardigan

Every wardrobe should have one or more comfortable cardigans. This nice warm sweater choice can be in black or another solid color or in a wild pattern that will accent any outfit. 

They can be found in many different styles, sizes, and lengths. Some are perfect to wear with jeans and other informal wear while other cardigans are perfect over a feminine dress or skirt. Why not look at the new cardigan sweater choices and get warm this winter in style.

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5 No-Nos For Wearing Cardigans

As wonderful and versatile as cardigan sweaters are, there are mistakes to avoid when choosing how to wear them and what to wear them with:

1. Don't purchase and wear a cardigan sweater that does not make you look your best. Choose the sweater that fits your body type and fits appropriately. Don't pick and wear a cardigan that makes you look plump, wide, stumpy, lumpy, or just wrong. 

Try on the sweater before purchasing. Take a good look in the mirror to make sure you look good with the cardigan and what you have paired it with.

The bulky, slouchy cardigans popular with the younger set may not be right for a larger size or older woman. These loose cardigans can add visual weight. Instead, wear cardigans that are more fitted and hug the body more closely without being tight. The material used in them might be ribbed or a finer gauge knit.

2. When choosing long cardigan sweaters by filly flair or other fashion sites, make sure there are outfits to wear them attractively with. 

There are a lot of choices to consider. Long cardigans such as oversized Aztec cardigans or wrap cardigans are long and drapey. Don't wear them with other bulky clothing such as loose jeans or maxi skirts. 

Do not wear long sweaters with mini skirts or shorts because the proportions are wrong. Try wearing these longer sweaters with slim pants or other clothing items that form a long slimline.

Long cardigan style Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

3. Cardigan sweaters come in short-cropped versions or waist-length choices. These sweaters are very attractive and versatile but avoid wearing them with longer tops. 

A blouse hanging below the hem of the shorter sweater looks sloppy and creates a strange shape and odd proportions. It looks careless. It is better to wear a shorter sweater with a tucked-in top or dress. Just make sure by looking in the mirror that the top under the sweater is shorter and does not hang out below the hem.

4. The mid-length, boyfriend cardigan is a good choice as it falls mid-hip or a little longer and is fairly fitted. It is attractive to many pieces of clothing. But, do not wear this sweater with full skirts or loose dresses. 

Try to wear this longer sweater with slimline jeans and slacks, pencil skirts, or even fitted shorts. The shorts should not be too short, they need to be longer than the bottom of the sweater.

5. Don't forget the rearview. If a cardigan sweater fits too closely or too loosely over your backside, it can be unflattering from the back. If the length is wrong, you can look heavier, shorter, or just awkward. This is why looking in the mirror from all angles before leaving the house is important. 

Sweaters with side slits might help with the view from behind. Some sweaters are cut more generously in the back or don't allow enough room for generous bums. Try on each sweater to make sure it fits correctly everywhere.

woman wearing cardigan, rear view Photo by Teymur Gahramanov on Unsplash

Some Basic Considerations For Cardigan Sweater Wearing

Everyone has a favorite, snugly cardigan sweater. But, be realistic about how it looks and what condition it is in. That comfortable older sweater might need to be limited to home lounging use. Older sweaters might have stretched out in places or shrunk when cleaned. Colors can fade and the sweater material can accumulate pills or other unattractive signs of wear and tear.

At the beginning of sweater season, try one all the sweaters in the closet or dresser in front of a full-length mirror. A person's size changes month to month and year to year so what was great last fall might not look so good this year. Be strong and get rid of all the sweaters that are no longer attractive. This will make room for new, stylish cardigan sweaters.

Shop for new sweaters at the end of the winter season to get price cuts, but stick to styles and patterns that will still be in style the next fall. The classic cut and styled cardigans can last and be in style for years. 

Write down the lengths and colors of cardigans that are needed to coordinate with existing clothing in a wardrobe. Remember, each clothing purchase should go with up to five existing pieces of clothing already owned. The most beautiful, affordable cardigan will not be a good purchase if it sits in the closet unworn because there is nothing it looks good with.

Bulky, long sweaters that overwhelm the outfit and a small person are not good wardrobe choices. Get cardigan sweaters that compliment the body and the clothes they will be worn with. 

There are plenty of choices of sweaters to find the perfect fit and look for each person and body type. The cardigan should be worn so that the other clothing is visible. Most of the time sweaters like cardigans are worn open so the blouse or T-shirt under it is visible. How does this cardigan fall and look unbuttoned?

Last, but not least, look for the care instructions. 

If the sweater can be machine or hand washed at home, it will be easier to keep clean and wear more often. Dry clean only sweaters will be more expensive to maintain. 

Look for the fiber content and choose fibers that are healthier and most comfortable to wear. Check the sweater construction for quality. Defective seams and hems are a sign to put that sweater back and look for a better quality one.

A good quality, well-fitting cardigan sweater can be a great addition to every wardrobe. Sweaters can keep us warm and add style to our outfits. Choose cardigans wisely and then enjoy them all year round.

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