7 Must-have Study Apps for College Students

Students today have some high tech help to make pursuing higher education much easier. There are resources and tools to help with all sorts of things and since college programs are so rigorous, you need applications (apps) that will help keep you on track.

For instance, you definitely need a time management application that’ll ensure you work on all your assignments within reasonable timelines. Students should understand that assignments to contribute to their overall performance. Ensure you have all the tools you need to make your days productive.
Aside from downloading all the right tools, make sure you surround yourself with success-oriented students. This way, you can bring the best out of each other.
What many students don't understand is that college life is what you make it. You have to strategize and plan to ensure you have a smooth learning experience. These seven applications will ensure you stay on top of your game throughout your college years.
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1.    RefMe

If you’re having a hard time referencing books you get from the library, RefMe is the application for you. This application is compatible with Andriod and iOS devices, which means even when you change phones, you still be able to use it.
So how do RefMe works? Well, this app allows you to scan a book’s barcode using the phone camera. Ofter which is creates a citation in whatever format your school uses.
Correctly formatting your references might seem like a simple thing, but doing it correctly guarantees bonus points.

2.    StudyBlue

Many students like to use flashcards to master complex concepts. Flashcards also help with mastering the spelling and definitions of different scientific terms. This studying method comes in handy when you’re going through your Biology notes. Biology has so many terms you might get mixed up, but with flashcards, you can stay on top of your game.
So how does StudyBlue come in? Well, this is a mobile application that helps with uploading study material and creating electronic flashcards. Unlike hardcopy flashcards that you can easily misplace, electronic flashcards guarantee that you’ll never lose your notes. You can even share them with friends and drill each other.

3.    Evernote

Evernote is a free mobile application that helps you capture notes regardless of where you are. You can save notes as audio files, texts, or even handwritten notes.
The flexibility when it comes to the format you can use ensures that you’re not limited to one particular data entry method.

4.    Oxford Dictionary

You don’t have to rush to the library each time you’re unsure about the spelling of a word. With the Oxford Dictionary app, you can always confirm that you’re spelling a word the right way.
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5.    Dragon Dictation

Who said that to write an essay, you have to type it out? If writing is not your forte, but you like to articulate your thoughts vocally, Dragon Dictation was created for you. You can also turn to Writemyessay.today for a quick turn over time.

This is an application that comes with voice recognition features to ensure your voice is automatically converted to text.
Not to mention the spelling correction feature, which ensures every word is correctly spelled. You can easily save rough copies of your essays on Dragon Dictation and edit later.

6.    GoQonqur

This tool is a one-stop-shop for educational resources. If you need flashcards, Mind Maps, Notes, Slides, or Quizzes, you can get all of them on GoConqur. You can also use the application to facilitate social learning as it allows you to connect with other learners.

7.    Office Lens

With Office Lens, you can capture images of whiteboards, magazines, documents, and blackboards and convert the images to shareable text. Even if you to the images from an angle, Office Lens won't have a problem converting the information to text.


These seven applications help students to have a seamless learning experience in college.

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