9 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Your Fashion-Loving Friends

Whether it is a holiday fast approaching or a good friend's birthday coming up soon, gift-giving is an amazing way for a person to show that they care about someone. Those with friends who follow the latest trends may find it challenging to find a gift that suits their friend's style. No one wants to strike out with their close friends on an important day, so use the following guide to find the perfect gift for your fashion-loving friends.
offering wrapped gift Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

Some Personalized Jewelry
Anyone who wants to give a truly thoughtful gift should try looking here for personalized jewelry. There are a variety of different shapes and styles from which a person can choose. They should be able to find something that matches their friend's fashion aesthetic perfectly.
A person can choose from elegant rings that feature their friend's name or a personal message. They can go for a subtle gold look or get flashy with the name spelled out in diamonds. Those who prefer something less on the nose can opt for a ring with a single letter.
Another on-trend jewelry option is a set of personalized statement earrings. Flashy, eye-catching earrings decked the runway during New York Fashion Week in February. Fashion-loving friends will feel incredibly special with long earrings featuring their names in gold and diamonds.
wrapped gift.Photo by Ekaterina Shevchenko on Unsplash

A Tiny Purse
Earrings and shoes seem to get bigger with every new season. However, bucking those recent trends are high-fashion tiny bags. Unlike the flashy statement earrings above, tiny purses are a subtle way for a person to express their unique style. These little accessories are a perfect gift for a person's most modish friend.
Tiny purses are not just a cute handbag, they are a practical way to cut down on the clutter in a person's life. Their small size means a person can't carry as many things around with them, which gives them a lot less to worry about. Giving one of these as a gift helps a person to step up their fashion game and limit the stress of extra stuff.

A Custom Phone Case
Everyone has a smartphone these days and it's fashionable to have a custom phone case these days. You can personalize the designs according to your friends' tastes. It also serves a double purpose of protecting the gadget from bumps and scratches.
 An Eye-Catching Cape
When most people hear the word "cape," images of superheroes in tight spandex flash before their eyes. Before anyone rushes out to the costume store, they should look at the latest trench coat-Esque cape trend that has dominated fashion runways for several seasons. There are a variety of shapes and styles, so it should be easy to find one for anyone's style.
Chanel strutted down the runway in a classic tweed cape, while Marc Jacobs went flashy with a floor-length leopard print one. Capes are a versatile gift option. They are not only a fashion-forward addition to an outfit, but they are perfect to wear during chilly weather. Grab one of these for a thoughtful and practical gift.
A Beautiful Belt
Dancing down the runways this season are outfits that feature a belt cinching the waist. Belts are a universal and endlessly customizable accessory. Individuals who prefer to make a statement can go for a brightly colored, vinyl belt. For a more classy look, choose a neutral leather one. For those looking for the perfect on-trend fashion accessory for their friend, going with a belt is an excellent choice.

Bulk Plain Shirts

Who wouldn’t want some fresh tees to go with their look, right? Your loved one will enjoy a bulk order of these shirts that will match anything in their wardrobe.

A Fetching Statement Hat
Fashion designers have finally gotten bored with basic beanies and classic form-fitting hats. Dancing down the fashion runways lately are loud, brightly colored statement hats that grab a person's attention. These hats have been reimagined in a variety of styles, so a person shopping for the perfect gift for their friend has plenty of options.
hats.Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

Another prominent trend in decking out an outfit in flashy feathers. Contemporary statement hats with this feature make a perfect gift for a stylish friend. Adding an on-trend gold chain would make this accessory a gift-giving triple threat.
A Printed Silk Scarf
The bougie look has been all the rage for the last few seasons. The catwalk has been awash with preppy outfits, decked out down to a silk scarf wrapped casually around the model's neck or effortlessly tied around their head. These stunning scarves are a chic addition to any fashion-forward wardrobe, and the wide range of available prints makes them a perfect gift. For anyone with a friend whose style changes with the seasons, going with a set of scarves with a variety of prints on them can make quite an impact.
A Vintage-Inspired Headband
The 50s through the 80s were decades big on fashionable headbands. They are making a comeback in the modern age with puffy, velvet and large, bright vinyl headbands featured in some of the most fashion-forward social media spaces. Because headbands are easily customized to fit a person's style, they are a great gift for most en vogue people.
Headbands can be worn with almost any hairstyle. A person can use a headband to keep their hair up high and push flyaways out of their face or wear their hair down, hiding the edges of the headband under layers of luscious locks. The headband's ability to mold to any style easily makes them a perfect gift.
A Set of Scrunchies
Shamelessly sported on Instagram models and runway catwalks are scrunchies. While they are a practical tool for holding back one's hair, they have made a major comeback as a wrist accessory. Available in a variety of brightly colored loose fabrics, these fashion throwback accessories make a perfect gift for a chic friend. These scrunchies can cost anywhere from two to two hundred dollars, so they can fit into any gift-giver's budget.
Some Final Thoughts
No one likes to be given a gift that they dislike. Receiving the perfect gift makes a person feel like their friends pay attention to and care about them. Gift-giving can come with a lot of pressure, especially for a person who loves to sport the latest fashion trends. Fashion is always changing, but the gifts listed above can help even the most oblivious person find the perfect thing for their friend.