Fun For All The Family at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

I've just been to a German Christmas market (in Germany) and while it was lots of fun I have to say I thought the Winter Wonderland festive pop up in Hyde Park is miles better with lots more to do for all the family.(AD)

madmumof7 children at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

 We visited Hyde Park Winter Wonderland the first weekend it was open for 2019 (GIFTED VISIT) at the end of November and even though the Advent Calendar doors were still firmly shut at that point we left feeling very much in the holiday spirit.

We'd been invited by the lovely team at Zippo's Circus and were looking forward to seeing the Zippo's Christmas Circus in the Circus Megadome as we had enjoyed the breathtakingly exciting summer show so much.

However we had a few hours before the start of the show so went off to explore what else there was to do at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

We started with a ride on the spectacular 70m Giant Wheel which offered fabulous views across London- we could even see the London Eye in the distance.

View of Hyde Park Winter Wonderland from the Giant Wheel

The Giant Wheel at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London

View of Zippo's Megadome from Great Wheel, Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland

We loved the option of choosing what we could listen to during our ride and although tempted by the information commentary we chose the Christmas Music option instead and all sang along as we admired the view.

Next we donned hats and gloves and ventured into the cold but stunningly beautiful Magical Ice Kingdom where you can admire ice and snow sculptures telling the traditional Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol.

Ice sculpture at Magical Ice Kingdom, Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, 2019

child peers into window of ice sculpture toy shop window  at Magical Ice Kingdom, Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, 2019

It doesn't actually matter if you don't know the classic tale - admire the beauty of these spectacular sculptures as you walk along the winding pathway.

Teenage boy sits in ice chair sculpture at Magical Ice Kingdom, Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, 2019

Don't forget your warm clothes though - its around -10 degrees in there! We headed back to Zippo's for a hot chocolate to help us warm up afterwards.

Walking between attractions the children were all admiring the wide selection of rides ranging from high octant thrill rides to cute traditional carousels. Zippo's Circus had gifted us a handful of tickets so we could try out some of the rides.

We started with a VR experience called Dr Archibald, Master of Time. Seated in little cars which trundled along a track I was not expecting this ride to be as good as it was. We wore VR goggles and entered a magical virtual world which had me flinching and laughing out loud in equal measure.

children and teens at Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, London

I don't want to give away the ride's secrets but even after stepping out of the car the fun continued. I've been to many major theme parks and I reckon this experience would not be out of place in one of them as a permanent attraction.

My thrill-seeking daughters headed for the sort of rides which hurl you about up high while my boys headed into a couple of fun houses.

Soon it was time to take our seats round the circus ring for a fabulous show from the talented performers from Zippo's Circus.

After the spectacular summer show I was expecting great things and I was not disappointed. From gentle comedy from award-winning funny man, Emillion, to aerial acrobatics the show had us spellbound from start to finish.

performers at Zippos Christmas Circus 2019, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

At just under an hour, each Christmas themed performance will delight family audiences whilst providing breath-taking magical moments throughout.
Overseen by Ringmaster Paul Winston, acts including New Revolution, a roller-skating duo, from Cuba, astonish audiences as they light up the ring and rotate at a dizzying high speed.
performers at Zippos Christmas Circus 2019, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

27-year-old Rosie Delarue from Banbury, Oxfordshire performs a breath-taking upside-down aerial walk high in the MegaDome Big Top, whilst double trapeze act, The Gemini Sisters from Norfolk show how well they work in harmony, as they glide and perform incredible acrobatics in mid-air.
performers at Zippos Christmas Circus 2019, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Breath-taking skill and artistry is showcased by Khametov’s High Wire troupe from Uzbeckstan, who perform the ultimate high wire thrill when an artist stands ‘on ballet points’ on her fellow artist’s head to cross the wire.
We loved the mind-boggling juggling and a crazy unicycle act from Russia and marvelled at illuminated boomerangs whizzing round the Megadome.
performer at Zippos Christmas Circus 2019, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Performed in the largest circus tent in the UK, the MegaDome offers theatre-style comfort and a heated environment to ward off any winter chills.

The family friendly atmosphere, complete with a festive theme and finale, will ensure this is one experience not to be missed and if you don't feel Christmassy afterwards I'll be astounded.
Other attractions at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland include a Paddington on Ice show, Cirque Berserk, Little Men and Little Miss Show and ice skating along with stalls selling food, crafts, novelties, drinks, gifts and more.
Go early or mid-week for a quieter, calmer experience or plan to be there as night falls to enjoy the lights at their best. It does get very busy in the evening, especially at weekends and so it might not be the best time to take very young or timid children (or adults) as people flock enjoy the wide range of warming winter alcoholic drinks and exciting rides. We left at 4pm and the queues were really starting to build at the entrances to the attraction.

Check the travel information on the website for the best way to get there as some underground stations near to Winter Wonderland may become exit only at busy times.
madmumof7's daughter wearing Stitch hat with Hyde Park Winter Wonderland giant wheel in background

You can buy tickets for Zippo's Christmas Circus and other attractions on the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland website.
For the best value for money buy a bundle deal online before you go and also consider buying a rides pass in advance (also online) to help you budget and avoid getting carried away on the day especially if you have little ones employing pester power or you think you are likely to blow the budget after a mulled wine or two.
Download the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland app from Google Play store or the iOS App store to buy tickets, bundles and passes and for lots of information about the site and attractions. There's even a handy map on the app.
Disclaimer: We were gifted tickets for Zippo's Circus, fairground rides, The Giant Wheel and The Magical Ice Kingdom by Zippo's Circus. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.
madmumof7's children with Ring Master and performers at Zippos Christmas Circus 2019, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland