MIXCDER T2 TWS Bluetooth Totally Wireless Headphones Review (AD)

I have spent years trying to find the ideal set of headphones/earbuds to use at home, commuting and travelling. They need to be comfortable above all else, a decent sound quality and preferably compact enough to pop into a handbag.

Mixcder T2 bluetooth headphones

I abandoned the earbuds which came with my last iPhone with a headphone jack after less than a minute. I seem to have a tiny ear cavity and they just hurt too much to wear. I'm not keen on wired headphones anyway so decided Bluetooth was definitely the way to go.

I "borrowed" my daughter's over ear headphones when she upgraded to a fancy branded set and although comfortable, they were quite bulky and I didn't seem to be able to pull off the DJ-style "casually wearing headphones round the neck" look as well as my teenagers.

I was impressed by the AirPods style but did not want to spend that kind of money. I bought a set in a similar style which I found I could wear for about an hour before they became too uncomfortable. That worked out to be one episode of Holby City downloaded and watched on the airplane before I had to abandon them. Good job it wasn't a long-haul flight.

I had seen people wearing the in-ear compact style of headphone beloved by runners which have ear hooks to help keep them in place. Anyone who knows me knows I am no runner but I liked the idea of something more secure than a simple ear pod and less bulky than over ear headphones with the headband.

I've just spent a week testing the Mixcder T2 TWS bluetooth 5.0 sports ear bud style headphones which boast impressive playback statistics. (AD)

sports sweat proof bluetooth headphones

Each earphone has industry-leading 10 hours playtime at 1-hour fast charge, and you’ll get more than 50 hours of combined playback via a sleek 950mAh charging case with intelligent digital power display, so you can keep your music playing and they are ready to go when you are. 

digital display on bluetooth headphone case

I really like the case - it's bigger than an AirPods case but still pocket-sized and has a clear power indicator which I appreciate. 

Mixcder bluetooth water resistant ear buds

The headphones are easy to slip in and out and I love that taking them out turns them on and connects to your device if you've already paired it, and putting them back in powers them down. No fiddly buttons to push and hope you've turned them off.

Not that I particularly need to worry about this but the Mixcder headphones are designed to be suitable for the toughest workout and are water and sweat resistant with adjustable secure fit silicon ear hooks which I found much lighter, softer and more comfortable than I anticipated.

The headphones come with clear instructions and three sets of ear caps in different sizes so you can ensure you get the best fit, even if you have freakishly tiny ear canals like me.

Unboxing Mixcder bluetooth sports headphones

The blurb on Amazon says:"10mm dynamic speakers and flawless in-ear call quality bring you incredible 3D stereo sound with deep bass, crystal clear treble and noise isolation. The sensitive microphones target your voice and filter out external noise. Call in both ears, enjoy a real wireless experience."

I'll confess I am no connoisseur when it comes to sound quality. I found these more than adequate for my music, listening to podcasts and watching programmes on my phone without disturbing the rest of the family. I think they'd be great for gaming too.

More information from the official description: 
  • Custom-made Bluetooth 5.0 Chip provides super low latency and super reliable skip-free connection with extended range up to 20m. But most of all, T2’s Bluetooth chip supports the binaural calls and ultra-low power to ensure a totally wireless experience for your toughest workouts.
  • Auto Connect and Voice Control. Jumpstart your workouts with auto-play when you take out the earphones and with hands-free controls via the Siri or Google assistant from a supported device—just press and hold your earbud.

With an overall customer rating of 4.9 out of 5 and priced at £39.99 (or less if you take advantage of certain Amazon offers) these are definitely worth considering if you are looking for strong, secure stereo headphones with a long playtime and fast charging at a great price.

Disclaimer: I was given a set of Mixcder headphones free for the purpose of this honest review.