Everything you need to know about iPhones in 2020

Technology is a wonderful thing and the rise of the smartphone has resulted in a simple, fun gadget transforming into a life-affirming device that we simply cannot live without. Our entire lives are programmed into these tiny little devices with more personal data and information being stored on them than any paperwork or documents in our homes. The rise of the smartphone was triggered by the arrival of the iPhone back in 2007 coupled with the clever tagline of "this is only the beginning”, and they weren’t wrong.

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash. mobile phone

Since then the iPhone has continued to evolve into the smart device we know and love. However despite our love affair with iPhone, there are problems that even the most dedicated users grow tired of, which can sometimes even putting our health at risk - check out George Sink PA for more information.

Over a decade has passed since the original iPhone and you’d think by now that many of these issues would be non-existent. Read on to find out everything you need to know about iPhones and the most common problems people face with them in 2020.

Issues with Wi-Fi

In today’s modern world, we have to be connected. Work, news, travel, reaching out to friends,
finding out what our favorite celebrities are up to and catching up with family. Staying connected is
crucial to everyday life. So, why is it so difficult to stay connected to Wi-Fi? It's utterly infuriating, to
say the least. 

There are ways to improve your Wifi - here is a useful guide for households or businesses that want to learn more about WiFi, why their signal might not be as strong as they'd like, and how they might go about boosting their signal/improving their connection.

Your phone won’t update

The latest iOS versions are there to keep our phones working at top capability. They're also imperative for security and to reduce the risk of cybercriminals gaining access to them. So, when
your phone doesn't automatically update, it is slow, staggering and struggling to cope. It's incredibly
frustrating! If you're worried about not receiving the latest iOS update, plug your phone into a Mac
device or a PC and follow the instructions on the screen.

Your screen is cracked

We’ve all been there: you’ve got a great phone case and you’ve always been super careful with your
phone, but then it slips out of your pocket and lands on the ground – completely shattering the screen or disfiguring the screen with an almighty crack. It looks dreadful, reduces the usability and instantly leaves you wishing you had a new phone. The best solution for a cracked screen is prevention. Ensure you’re signed up to an insurance plan that covers accidental damage and screen repairs!

The battery drains too quickly

You chose the iPhone for its long battery life, so why is your phone's battery draining at such a rapid
rate? It's a common problem for iPhones in 2020. Whether we're streaming the latest TV and film,
Facetiming or have several applications open at once, our phones can quickly drain leaving us with
very little battery before we've even got to work!

Water damage

Dropping your phone in a puddle, or even worse – having it fall into the toilet, is a nightmare for any
iPhone user. Water damage can quickly destroy your smartphone if it's not dealt with promptly. Try placing your phone in a cup of rice to see if it will absorb some of the water and reduce the water