Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator Drugs Explained

Have you heard of SARMs yet? What a cool-sounding name, huh? It’s kind of resonating and powerful. The abbreviation makes these drugs sound like something that can turn you into a superhero. But, other than the fact that they sound great, do you actually know anything about the products? 
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If you are still not familiar enough with selective androgen receptor modulator drugs, then I suggest you take a little trip to and find out everything you need to know. There is a lot more to these than the interesting name. And if you are thinking about using them, you should really learn a few things first.
SARMs Defined
Selective androgen receptor modulator drugs are already defined by their own name. Sure, if you are completely unfamiliar with the whole concept, then it might be a bit difficult to figure out what these are on your own. Luckily, I am here to help.
The “selective” part means that these drugs selectively affect only some parts of your body. They don’t have an impact on your whole organism, but target certain parts specifically. Those are your bones and your muscles. We will see precisely how this works later.
Moving on. The name includes the word “androgen”. That means that SARMs have what? Well, obviously, androgenic properties. An androgen is any of the male hormones in your body, including testosterone. When a drug has this word in its name, that implies that they regulate the amounts of these hormones in your organism. It is a commonly known fact that their deficiency can have some consequences for your health. Here are some useful information.
Now, we have come to the last part of the definition. It has to do with the words “receptor modulator”. In essence, that means that these drugs bind themselves to and modulate receptors. Those receptors bind to ligands and cause certain responses in your body and your immune systems. I know this might sound slightly complicated, so let me break it down for you.
To sum up, selective androgen receptor modulator drugs “select” specific “receptors” and “modulate” them in order to achieve positive “androgenic” effects in your body. Is it a bit clearer now? I suppose it must be, since this is about as simple as it gets.
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How Do They Work?
Our androgen receptors can be found in cells all over our organisms. I am talking liver, bones, muscle tissue and more. SARMs target your skeletal muscle precisely. Consequently, they link themselves only to muscles and bones. But, why is that so important?
Well, by avoiding the liver and other organs, these drugs work by enhancing your muscles and strengthening your bones without causing any damage to the rest of your body. What they do cause is an increase in protein synthesis, which leads to an overall strength increase. Simply put, you can grow your muscles without worrying about harmful side-effects.
So, They Are Steroids, Right?
Wrong. I get why you might think this. After all, aren’t steroids also used the same way and have the same effects? The part about effects might be right, but they are not exactly the same thing. What’s more, SARMs are known as a safe alternative to anabolic steroids.
Once again, this is explained by the name itself. Could you guess which of the properties I mentioned while defining them makes these drugs safer? Naturally, their ability of selectiveness. It’s like they choose carefully what to do to your body and avoid impacting those parts that shouldn’t be played with.
That means that you can get the same benefits you would get from steroids, but without the same side-effects. In a world where everything is so easily accessible, people sometimes forget to stay safe. Don’t be one of those people and take care of your health.
SARMs are not toxic and they will not cause you liver damage or similar issues that are not uncommon with steroids. That way, they give you the option of enhancing your bones and muscles without worrying how it will affect your health. And that is a rather important feature in any medicine you might be using.

What Benefits Can You Expect?
So, we have successfully defined SARMs, explained how they work and determined that they are not the same as steroids. Now, there is only one question left to answer. Why would you decide to use these in the first place?
People take these drugs due to a number of benefits they have to offer. They have become rather popular in the world of bodybuilding and exercising. Let us see what it is that you can expect from incorporating SARMs in your routine.
First of all, they are known to quickly promote the growth of your muscles. This is due to their effect on the hormones I mentioned above. And it gives you an opportunity to get the body you were always dreaming of, without having to wait for years and years.
Tell me something. Is your dream body really full of excessive body fat? I am guessing not. If I guessed it right, then you should definitely hear about the next benefit. SARMs can significantly help you during your weight loss process.
Additionally, these enhance your athletic performance and make you stronger. That gives you an opportunity to train harder. And, training hard is a number one precondition both for losing weight and for growing your muscles.

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