Eat Your Drink Alcoholic Gummies - Making Adult More Fun

I adore cocktails, the sweeter the better, so imagine my delight when I discovered Eat Your Drink alcoholic gummies from Smith And Sinclair which deliver a juicy measure of flavoursome fun for your taste buds.

Eat Your Drink alcoholic gummies

I didn't even know properly alcoholic sweets were a thing never mind gummies which have been created with as much care as a masterly mixologist's Mojito. 

The vegan-friendly cocktail confectionary is mixed like a drink, garnished with spices and infused sugars and, get this, delivers 5% alcohol (ABV) per gummy.

You could do as I did and just devour each sweet in two bites.  Or possibly one bite in my case. Or take them to the park and share with friends for a party-style buzz with no bladder expanding properties. Handy since almost no public toilets are open at the mo and I have never got the hang of peeing au natural without getting my feet wet.

You could be more imaginative and use them as an original way to dress up your own homemade cocktails. Lockdown Cosmo garnished with a lime sugar coated gummy anyone?

You could  treat a friend to a cocktail night in with a difference or be the best guest at the BBQ by not bringing a bottle. You will win many cool points AND not have to cram a heavy and fragile glass bottle in your bag.

There are a variety of blends to suit all tastes. Occasion boxes include The Party containing treats like the Pineapple Bellini, Passion Fruit Mojito, Berry Daiquiri and more. Maybe you fancy The Night In with Pina Colada, Tequila Slammer, Spicy Margarita and more.

alcoholic whiskey sweets in box

Let's Celebrate would make a great gift with Elderflower Spritz, Paloma, Whiskey Sour and more or opt for single spirit choices with the Gin Obsessed and Whiskey Club boxes featuring delights like Hibiscus Negroni and the classic Manhattan. That's if you can bear to share. Which I'm not sure I can.

I received the Whiskey Club box and the company's  special edition offering, The Love Box. (GIFTED)

The Love Box cocktail sweets

All boxes cost £15 and currently 20% of that ( thats's £3 if your maths is as terrible as mine) from The Love Box will be donated to the UK's oldest LGBQT+ pub and performance space, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern,  London, proving Pride celebrations on the streets might be cancelled but love isn't.

cocktail gummies in cocktail glass

The world famous tavern is in desperate need of support because like many other venues they have endured a lengthy enforced closure due to Covid-19. Head to their website to contribute to their Go Fund Me collection.

Back to the Eat Your Drink boxes. The boxes themselves are beautiful with wrapped gummies nestling in their own compartments revealed when you gently pull the ribbon tag.

Eat Your Drink alcoholic gummies

The gummies are larger than I anticipated and you can really smell the aroma of the cocktail ingredients as you open each packet.

Popping one into my mouth I was initially delighted by the juicy flavours and then amazed when the alcohol hit my taste buds. These are no spineless wine gums people. These are serious sweets for grown-ups. However, they have created a non-alcoholic range if you would prefer a virgin experience.

Visit to discover more of their fabulous cocktail creations including sherbert dippers, cocktail glitter and the intriguing effervescent instant cocktail kits. They also do gift cards if you know a cocktail lover who would adore treating themselves from the imaginative range online. *stares pointedly at friends and family members.*

If lockdown has taught me anything it's that we should cram as much fun into life as possible as you really don't know what's round the corner. Mel and Emile from Smith and Sinclair are helping with this and are totally living up to their slogan: 


Let them help you.