Fabulous Fonts for the Perfect Party

When I was a young journalist I had a friend in the profession who was slightly obsessed with fonts. As time has gone on I have come to understand his fascination as I've learned that choosing the right font for a project really does impact how it turns out.

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For example a formal font like Times New Roman would be best for a job application while something more informal or a novelty font would be better suited to a casual party.

Imagine you are making a poster for an event. You want your font to be clear and easy to read even from a distance. A bold font with separate letters would be best suited for this kind of project.

But a wedding invitation might look better with a cursive (joined up) handwriting style, giving the invite a more personal feel.

Fonts Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Chances are your computer software offers a selection of fonts but did you know you can get a much wider choice of freebie fonts online? (AD)

Take Design Bundles for instance. Launched in 2016, the site offers a huge selection of affordable digital products including graphics, fashion design mock-ups and craft files. Their speciality font site, Font Bundles, can supply any kind of font you can imagine with customer service and satisfaction their top priority.

Their curated font bundles can offer up to 96% off the usual prices and if you are interested in finding the perfect font for your party invitation, you will find a fantastic selection from hand-written designs to seasonal styles.

Here are my top 5 tips for creating the perfect invitation:
  1. Decide on the "mood" of the party. Is it formal or informal? A casual BBQ is very different to a dressy dinner party and the invitation should reflect that giving your guests an idea of what to expect. A formal invitation could be black and white, text only, maybe with a classy border. An invitation to a casual party can have fun graphics added and maybe lots of colour.
  2. What age are the guests? An invitation for a young child should be easy to read with a nice clear informal font and not too many words. A nice picture, perhaps based on the party theme, is a nice touch too. Keep it simple - who it's from, where the event is to be held, what time it starts and ends and don't forget to include a phone number or email for an RSVP.
  3. Unless it's obvious, like a BBQ or dinner party make it clear if  you will be offering food or just snacks. There's nothing worse than turning up to a drinks party after you've eaten dinner to find fabulous catering that you are too full to eat. Or starving to discover that the host only has a bowl of crisps on offer,
  4. If you want to limit the number of guests at a teenage party make it invitation only to prevent additional unwanted hordes turning up. Have an adult or maybe an older sibling checking them at the door. Maybe choose a cool graffiti font to create a quirky invite and be sure to state an end time to the event.
  5. When you've finished having fun creating your invitation check it carefully to make sure you have the correct date, time, venue and a contact number or email. Be sure to state if you'd like people to bring a bottle, or if you'd prefer to forgo gifts. You could include a link to a gift site for weddings and baby showers. Some people like to know the dress code so you could add that too.
Parties can be expensive so it's great to know that as well as the discounted font bundles featuring the work of independent designers, Font Bundles also has a free fonts section featuring a brand new free font every week.

The site features handy video tutorials to guide you through purchasing, downloading and installing fonts so all that's left for you to worry about is which of the fonts you choose for your project.

There's nothing more satisfying than working on a successful creative project and the knowledge that you have produced something unique for your friends and family members.

With so many affordable fonts on offer you can have fun creating any number of digital or printed invitations (and other craft tasks) quickly and easily. 

Every party starts with the invitation which can really set the tone for whole event. Don't ruin the perfect planned party with a less than perfect invitation.

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