Low Maintenance Landscape Ideas for Your House Backyard.

 Many people enjoy a beautiful landscape in their backyard. Not only is it relaxing for some, but it also is their hobby. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time and energy to tend to their yards. Because of this, most people give up having a backyard space.

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You may be one of the people who love landscaping, yet not having enough time to maintain it. If so, don't lose hope. You can still have a beautiful landscape without devoting too much time and effort. Take inspiration from these landscaping ideas to get you started.

Start With a Low-maintenance Deck

Patios and decks are one of the most prominent areas in your backyard landscape. It's a place where you can relax and enjoy your garden. However, creating a spacious patio will save you some maintenance work.


The less lawn that you have in your backyard, the less maintenance you will need doing. Of course, you should consider what patio you'll want to build. 

A high-maintenance deck will only add more of your time and effort. Instead, go for low-maintenance decking. For instance, you can go for PVC and composite decking materials. Not only are they durable, but they are also resistant to most damage.
Of course, building a wide area using composites or PVC can be expensive. Instead of doing that, you can use other materials on other parts of the lawn. For instance, you can use pavers and bricks for paths and flooring, which are also quite easy to maintain.

Fake Turf

Speaking of less work on the lawn, another way to have a low-maintenance landscape is by using artificial grass. With it, you don't need to mow the lawn regularly.
Some people may not like the idea of fake grass. However, things have changed since people invented artificial turf. Now, faux grass looks more and more like the real thing.

You don't have to worry about them looking synthetic. You can even plant trees in them. And the best thing is, fake turf is significantly cheaper when you take into consideration the amount of work that you won't have to do.

Of course, nothing beats the real thing. With that said, you may want to use fake turf on only some of the areas of your garden. Make sure to leave out some space with real grass on it.

Mulch Garden

If faux grass is not for you, you can instead consider investing in mulching. Mulching is the process of layering the soil with materials for saving soil moisture, improving fertility, and improving the health of the soil. For many people, it is also visually pleasing. But perhaps the best reason to do it is that it reduces weed growth.

There are many materials that you can use as mulch. Some of them include barks, grass clippings, newspapers, and shredded leaves. However, if you want something low-maintenance, best stick to inorganic and synthetic mulches, like stone, gravel and landscaping fabrics.

Perennial Flowers

Perennial Plants are plants that can last for more than two years. They usually bloom once a year and stay dormant for the rest of the year. However, unlike annual plants, they come back every season when it blooms. Because of this, perennials don't need replanting as often as annual plants.

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Some of the perennial flowers that you can plant in your backyard include asters, tulips, pasque flowers, and lilies. Because they're easy to take care of, they are also perfect for beginners.

Evergreen Plants

Evergreens are plants, including shrubs, trees, and flowers, that are green throughout the whole year. Because of this, they are quite easier to maintain and prune than most other plants. On top of that, they look beautiful at any time of the year. The truth is, most shrubs that you can buy from landscaping and plant stores are evergreens.

Some types of evergreen trees that you want to get are hollies, mini oaks, and dwarf spruces. For shrubs, you can get box plants and hollies. Evergreen flowering plants, such as camellias and rock roses, are excellent additions to your low-maintenance garden.

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