No Strings Dating in Lockdown 2020

Pubs and clubs are closed, most people are furloughed or working from home and you can't even start a casual conversation in the new one way, two metres of separation supermarkets so what does the future hold for singletons looking for love or no strings hook-ups in this new socially distanced world?

rainbow heart Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The ban on sex with someone out of your household has not been really been helped by the new bubble lockdown relaxation. It's OK if you have one partner and one of you lives alone. But what if you both have family or housemates living with you? No carefree adult fun for you.

Dating has come a long way since the '90s when I met my husband. Back then lonely hearts ads in print newspapers were still a thing along with acronyms like GSOH (good sense of humour) and worked for both those looking for love and those more interested in more casual relationships or even one night stands.

Nowadays finding a partner should be as easy as a swipe or a few clicks on your smart phone or laptop where you can make contact with others like you who are seeking a life partner or just looking for sex. 

In the latter category? Most kinks are catered for too if you use a sex dating site with categories for those looking for intimate connections with cougars, outdoor fun or swinging partners. (AD)

Dating sites offer a level of safety and security not available when you make casual connections alone and this support is even more vital if you intend to meet a lot of different people for no strings dating.

But what's the point if you can't get together? 

Well, thank goodness for technology. With a bit of imagination the same tech you use to work, keep in touch with your mum and watch movies can be utilised for steamier purposes.

laptop Photo by Andras Vas on Unsplash

Maybe treat yourself to some toys from a discreet online store, find yourself a willing remote partner (or partners) from a good "no strings" dating site and enjoy some mutual "virtual" fun where hopefully everyone involved will have a happy ending.

Not brave enough for visuals? Phone sex has long been a quite satisfactory solution for lonely lovers and perfect if you don't want to share your sex face, lockdown hairdo and isolation love handles with strangers.

If you are prepared to wait for further lockdown lifting to enjoy a full-on physical relationship you could at least use this time to make connections on dating sites ready for the joyous day you can meet with like-minded adults.

Tempting as it is, no-one should be thinking about breaking lockdown laws. This odd period in our history will pass and will soon be nothing more than a Facebook memory.

Good experiences are worth waiting for and it might well be that when you can get up close and personal with someone it will be all the better after a period of exciting anticipation.

In the meantime you could sign up for some sites catering for your needs and start making socially distant connections with some new potential partners.

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