Love Yourself Premium Food Delivery Service

Imagine being able to have premium food cooked by a Michelin starred chef delivered to your home from an extensive menu that caters for pretty much all needs and tastes including Keto, vegan and Halal. That dream is now achievable with an ever-expanding service from food delivery service, Love Yourself. (AD)

Love Yourself food delivery service

Currently serving delicious dishes across central and greater London and to the counties around the capital city, Love Yourself's top notch healthy diet meals will soon be available across Britain. There's a postcode checker on the Love Yourself website so you can see where they are currently delivering.

You can choose your meal box from a variety of carefully curated diets from the office lunch diet to pescatarian choices. There are gluten free, fish free, dairy free, Halal and Keto diets and the best selling balanced diet which comes in regular, no fish, Halal and non-Halal versions.

You can choose the calorie count of your selection from 1200 to 2500 calories and the duration of your subscription from 1 day to four weeks. Chef Michal Snela who has worked in Michelin starred restaurants alongside Marcus Wareing, is creative with fresh ingredients and meals are cooked fresh every day.

Once you've made your selection your meals are delivered between 7pm-10pm Sunday-Thursday ready to enjoy the following day. Some are designed to be eaten cold, others can be popped in the microwave at home or work.

Looking to lose weight or eat more healthily? Each meal can be entered into the My Fitness App to keep track of your nutritional and calorie goals.

The team at Love Yourself said:"We believe that everyone deserves to eat delicious and healthy meals, but we know that sometimes our busy lives get in the way.  Our food contains no processed meats, no additives or preservatives and has been worked on by leading London dieticians.  At Love Yourself we do all the work for you by creating tasty menus using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, which are prepared with you and your dietary requirements in mind."

I tried a selection of dishes from the Performance Diet from Love Yourself. (GIFTED) Well, I say I tried them but as I took food from boxes in the paper carrier they were delivered in, (via non contact delivery obvs) my older children gathered and I ended up with several very willing taste testers.

Mr daughter sampled a very thick blueberry, banana and linseed smoothie which after I'd photographed it she added fresh banana slices to. It didn't look so appetising in the packaging but don't be put off - it looked much nicer (and tasted  nicer than it looked) once served in a glass.

Love Yourself blueberry & banana smoothie

She also sampled the yoghurt millet flake with fruit porridge which is designed to be eaten cold.

yoghurt millet flake with fruit muesli

My 15-year-old son wolfed down the grilled chicken with white rice, avocado and sprouts. He said the chicken was delicious!

chicken, rice, avocado and sprouts

I think my favourite offering was the baked cod with new potatoes and broccoli - it was a substantial piece of fish and the whole meal survived the journey well. It took just two minutes to be ready to eat and seconds for my husband to swipe it from me and then rave about how delicious the fish was. 

Baked cod meal from Love Yourself

The final dish, turkey with courgettes served with quinoa (with goose fat, salt and pepper) also only took two minutes to cook in the microwave.

turkey, courgette and quinoa

Some might say these are just ready meals but the quality and freshness of the ingredients and the imagination behind each Love Yourself meal, smoothie or dish mean you can be confident you are feeding yourself fuss-free nutritious food with proven health benefits. Just as fast to prepare as a ready meal but with no hidden nasties.

Quality doesn't come cheap and at first glance you might think an average cost of just over £20 a day sounds steep but this is a whole day menu with five portions including breakfast, main meals and snacks.

For example, here's a typical day from the Vegetarian diet:

Breakfast - Baked apple and oat cake with blueberry yoghurt
Morning Snack - Sweet potato hummus
Lunch - Masala with brown rice, goji berries and cashew nuts
Afternoon Snack - Chocolate brownie
Dinner - Harissa roasted cauliflower, toasted pine nuts & raisin salad

If you look honestly at your current daily intake, add up the cost of ingredients and impulse purchases at the supermarket and those snack purchases during the day plus the cost of your precious time, this delivery system could prove economic and invaluable to many busy people, demotivated cooks wanting inspiration and those wishing to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

You can modify your delivery schedule to suit your lifestyle and cancel it whenever you want to. Check out the Love Yourself website for more details.

Disclaimer: We were sent a selection of meals by Love Yourself for the purpose of this honest review.