Power Through With Jack Link's 100% Beef Bars

When I first started working in an office in the early 90's the only option available to boost my energy in that dreadful afternoon slump was chocolate bars and doughnuts. Then along came cereal bars but the dry, mostly nutty early versions certainly didn't appeal and I'm not a huge fan to this day. Then I heard about Jack Link's 100% beef bars, packed full of protein to help you power through, and realised this is the snack I've been waiting for.

Jack Link's 100% beef bars

I don't work in an office any more (today's post coming to you from my sofa) but as a busy self employed writer, frequently commuting to events, and a frankly run ragged mum to 7 I often find I need refuelling in between meals.

As I am diabetic I try to be careful about adding sugary snacks to my diet but I'll confess that even when I am writing about diabetes for a giant American health website I have been known to perk myself up with an entire packet of a few chocolate biscuits.

More recently I have discovered the joys of charcuterie as a pick me up but slicing while typing is not always idea and you certainly couldn't whip out a giant sausage on the train. There are laws apparently.

Enter Jack Link's beef bar, 100% of cured, dried beefy loveliness which comes conveniently wrapped ready to pop into your pocket or bag. (Gifted)

Jack Link's 100% beef bars

At just 65 Kcals a bar and gluten free this tender treat won't melt and won't make my diabetic dietician shake her head in a disappointed fashion with just 6g of sugar per bar - far less than many other  "healthy" snacks.

But do they taste good?

The ingredient list includes soy sauce powder, yeast extract, sugar and spices and the bar is the bar is quite soft and almost juicy, slightly sweet with hints of spice and smoke. Delish!

The bars don't need to be refrigerated and have a lengthy shelf life (think months not days) so these would be great to keep in a handbag, baby change bag, rucksack etc to keep you going at work, shopping, hiking or travelling.

Want something with more heat? You can also pick up a "sweet and hot" version of the snack.

You can buy a box of 14 original flavour for under £20 from Amazon or pick up a pack of 3 for £3 in Asda. 

Jack Link's 100% beef bars

Disclaimer: I was gifted Jack Link's 100% beef bars for the purpose of writing this honest review.