Tropical ‘TIKI TIME’ With NEW Captain Morgan Tiki

I thought I was not a lover of rum until I spent one long sunny afternoon at a rum festival in the garden of a pub in Clapham.  Once I realised rum was not just for ancient mariners and could in fact be incorporated into any number of delicious cocktails, I was hooked.

Whether you are already convinced of the wonderfulness of quality rum or have yet to sample the stuff, I have some exciting news to bring some tropical holiday vibes to the bank holiday weekend and beyond.

Captain Morgan Tiki bottle and cocktails

Captain Morgan has launched a new, tropical rum-based spirit drink inspired by the exotic South Pacific Islands. Ideal for bringing a touch of the exotic to your staycation.(AD)

Captain Morgan Tiki, RRP £16.50, is made with the finest rum with pineapple and mango flavours, so you can enjoy a taste of the tropics without having to travel 9,000-ish miles... Instead, you can just click here to buy from a range of supermarkets.


With Captain Morgan Tiki, you can enjoy a delicious drink with minimal effort. It’s like serving up a cocktail without having to shake or stir. Just serve with lemonade and ice. Sorted.  Or of course you could release your inner mixologist and create a tropical extravaganza to amaze and impress your friends and family. You do you.


Captain Morgan is all about bringing friends together, whether IRL or via URL (that’s meeting in person or video chat), and that’s what ‘Tiki Time’ represents. It’s a time made for fun and banter with your mates; and it’s up to you when it happens. 

It could be Saturday afternoon or a Wednesday, the sun might be shining or the rain on its way; you could be at your house or favourite bar. Wherever and whenever you decide, Tiki Time is your time for fun with your pals.


How to serve Captain Morgan Tiki with lemonade:

Simply enjoy 25ml Captain Morgan Tiki over ice and finish with lemonade. No fuss, full of flavor. 0.6 units per drink, ABV 25%.


Captain Morgan Tiki is available from selected retailers, including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Co-op. RRP £16.50. Served simply with lemonade and ice, it’s the easy-to-make addition that brings full-on fruity flavours and a splash of fun to crews across the UK. ​