Reverse Life Marine Collagen Review

If you have noticed that your skin is not quite so smooth and taut as it used to be, your nails are brittle, your hair is looking less than lustrous AND you feel hungover even when you haven't drunk a drop DON'T PANIC! You may be able to effectively turn back time with new REVERSE LIFE MARINE COLLAGEN. (AD)

Reverse Life Marine Collagen

What is Collagen

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body. It is the main structural protein that forms connective tissue all through our bodies including skin, bones, muscles and ligaments. 

Collagen makes up for 80% of our skin and it's important we look after it because as we age our body's collagen production slows right down. This causes our skin to lose elasticity and firm texture, resulting in sagging. It can also effect the strength of hair, lashes and nails and has a role in gut health, healing and energy levels. 

Reverse Life Marine Collagen 

Reverse Life is focussed on new and efficient products that help to turn the clock back for your skin, hair and body. 

You m might have collagen in your skin care products but by taking it in a supplement you can bring the benefits of collagen to your entire body.


The new REVERSE LIFE MARINE COLLAGEN is a liquid supplement that includes a mega dose of 10,000mg marine collagen per 25ml dose - to support the elasticity and connectivity of your skin cells, plus supportive Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin plump and hydrated. Added benefits include better hair health, digestion and healing. 


Benefits of Collagen: 

  • Stronger nails 
  • Lengthen lashes 
  • Rejuvinates hair
  • Skin looks softer, firmer, plumper 
  • Helps relieve joint pain 
  • Helps fight unwanted wrinkles, dryness and sagging
  • Quicker wound healing 
  • Improved gut health and energy levels 
Now, you might be concerned about the idea of marine collagen tasting fishy. Actually Reverse Life Marine Collagen tastes fruity and is easy to take as a daily shot using the measure provided.

A friend was keen to trial it and after just one week I witnessed another friend telling her she looked really well and asking if she'd changed her hair or skincare or something. Literally the only think she had changed in her daily routine was add in a shot of Reverse Life Marine Collagen.