The Best Roast Dinner in Southsea, Portsmouth, UK

The worst roast dinner I ever had was in Littlewoods department store years ago when my mate Tracy joined me in finding the best and worst Christmas meals on offer in our local area. The meat was perfectly round and preformed grimness. The roasties were frozen and badly cooked and the veg was so overcooked there were zero vitamins left in them.

The best I have had include one just this past weekend at The Kings Tavern in Southsea, Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK. The meat was tender and tasty, veg perfectly cooked and the gravy was rapturously good. We even got an extra jug too for top-ups. Bliss.

beef roast dinner from Kings Street Tavern

You could choose from a selection of meats (beef, pork belly and chicken) or opt for a vegan choice and prices varied depending on size of meal with £16 being the biggest plate. However, even the regular sized meal (£14) was satisfying for me and as a professional food blogger I have been known to review a staggering five London restaurants in one memorable day including one which insisted I try EVERYTHING from their dessert menu.

best roast dinner in Southsea

I call this having a healthy appetite. My stepdad used to proudly boast I could "eat one more 'tato than a pig." 

Anyway, back to Kings Street Tavern. I follow them on Instagram with the account for my new food blog, The Eat Sheets and was won over by their images of food from their own BBQ smokehouse. When I spotted they did a Sunday Roast I could not resist booking for one of my regular trips to Portsmouth where my son lives.

My husband and I were joined by my friends Jane, Claire and Nick and our eldest son Jacob (who shares. y love of good food and co-writes The Eat Sheets.)

It is 2020 so I must mention the Tavern's COVID-19 precautions. I pre-booked and on arrival had to give details of all diners in my group for track and trace purposes. We all had our temperatures taken using a contact-free thermometer and there was plenty of hand sanitiser dotted about. Toilets had occupation limits and we were able to sit outside.

If you fancy food which tastes as good if not better than home-cooked, head to Kings Street Tavern. You won't be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I paid for the meal and have chosen review as I was so impressed.