Tips for Buying Industrial Refrigeration Equipment

Buying a refrigerator for your home may not appear difficult but when it comes to purchasing one for your business needs, the same job might seem like a tough job, especially if you are buying for the first time.

industrial refrigeration


There are quite a few options in the market that can make it a little confusing. Top-rated sites such as make it easier for buyers to make a comprehensive choice of a refrigerator model that suits their precise needs. Here are a few tips to help you identify the appropriate refrigerator for your industrial needs.


Get the dimension right

Yes, choosing a size that befits your requirement is essential. Commercial freezers come in all shapes and capacities. To make it simpler, you can try counting the number of doors. Did that sound strange? Well, typically, most industrial chilling units have anywhere between 1-3 doors which can give you a close estimate of its size.


For instance, if you want to find one for your start-up restaurant kitchen, all you would have to do is simply measure the exterior dimensions of the kitchen measured out to determine which model would fit into it. Of course, in the process, you might have to make sure that your doorways are broad enough to allow the size of the fridge you intend to buy.


While that’s the case with the external dimensions, it may not look as simple when you try gauging the interior dimensions. That’s because that part of the fridge will exactly determine the storage space you will be able to use. So, first, it would make sense to try and figure out your spatial requirement. For that, you can take a stock of all kinds of food and beverage that you would want to fit in to be able to cater to your customers.


Some industrial units may have the same exterior dimensions but vary in the interior measurement. It differs from brand to brand.


 Warranty and extended warranty 

Just like all other things, even electrical equipment doesn’t last forever but at least their longevity can be improved with care and maintenance. While maintenance may come with costs, a warranty from the manufacturer can save you a lot of money.


A warranty on your refrigerator can guarantee that any repair required will be taken care of by the manufacturer during the warranty period. In most cases, it includes both cost of parts and labor service. Thus, getting an extended warranty for a longer period is an additional advantage.


Check the condenser 

The location of the condenser unit in your refrigerator matters as it majorly contributes to keeping your food stock at a desired cold temperature. Moreover, the location of the condenser could differ from model to model. The reach-in models have both the options, i.e. you can find a top-mount as well as a bottom mount one. 


The units in which the condenser is placed at the bottom is easy to clean and maintain. It not only lowers stress on the unit but also makes accessibility to food stock convenient.

The newer commercial fridge models have robust energy-efficient technology and are a better buy over those designed with a heater. Unlike the heaters the hot gas condensation systems automatically evaporate condensed water.


The material of your refrigerator 

The construct of your industrial fridge can determine its longevity and durability. Those constructed with plastic are delicate compared to those that are made up of steel. You may also come across the aluminium variety though it will be better to avoid those as they aren’t scratch resistant that makes it difficult to clean.


Stainless steel models are a better option any day and when you pick one check for its welded corners as those with that additional craftsmanship are a hallmark of high-quality. The non-welded corners are vulnerable to accumulating dust and easy wear and tear. In a professional kitchen, you surely want to minimize the cleaning workload. Check out ways of setting up a commercial kitchen.


Check the foam insulation of your freezer as this plays a vital role in keeping the food fresh and ensures better energy efficiency. Models designed with at least 2” foam thickness gasket can ensure better sealing. 


Also, it would be good to avoid models that have barred door handles as refrigerators used for commercial purposes may need to be opened and closed. Instead, go for the recessed door handles. Choose a unit that has a smart interior setup to increase its efficiency.


In the digital era, why should modern refrigerators be left alone? These controls enable easy temperature setting and thereby better control to its users. You can monitor the temperature when you see it and regulate it accordingly.


Regardless of whichever model you buy, never compromise on the quality and always consider a licensed seller. Getting a few quotations from a couple of sellers would make a sensible way to strike the best deal.