Berg Go-Karts Ireland - Guide to Buying New & Used Go-Karts

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Go-karts are a type of open-wheel cars that are mostly driven for the fun and recreation it offers. It can however also be used for competitions. They come in varying shapes and sizes including those for children. Some are without motors and some are high powered, especially those used in racing competitions.

These machines are mostly safe such that even when two collide, hardly will any harm come to the drivers. You can learn more about them in this article.

For those who like the fun derivable from karting and would like to buy one, there are some important things you need to consider. Before buying anything, it is always a good idea to carry out some research on it. So also is the case when buying a kart.

One good way to start is visiting a track and paying to drive a few cycles. Doing this will allow you to get a feel of the type of go-kart that will best fit your needs.

There are new as well as used karts. Some are for kids while some are for adults. There are also all kinds; electric, gas, street, dirt as well as those for racing.

This article aims to provide guidance that will help you purchase one that will be suitable for you or anyone you intend to buy it for.

How to Go about Buying a Go-Kart

Go Karts

Below are some important steps you’ll need to take to ensure you make a good purchase.

Decide What You Need It for and Who Will be Using it

Most users of karts get it for fun and recreation. Some others want to drive it as a career and for competition. Knowing this from the start, before you begin your search, is essential.

If you are buying for a career, it will be worth spending more on a capable one that you can use for racing. This will also save you from spending more to buy another one in the near future.

Also, it is important to consider who will be driving it and the driver’s age. Is it an adult or a kid? This will help determine the size you should buy. The ability or expertise of the driver is also important. There are different types available for various levels of experience; from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

Find Out Which Classes are Common In Your Area

There are a few classes when it comes to karting. The chassis may be the same but they come with different engines. Wherever you are located, certain classes will likely be more popular than others. You will do well to go for the class that is common in your location. There is a reason they are common in your area and you will easily also get support and maintenance when you need it.

You should also buy chassis from a reputable manufacturer. You can learn more about getting the right chassis from Berg Go Karts Ireland and any other brands that have been represented at the British or World championship level. Such brands will offer good machines suitable for different levels of karting.

Be Sure to Check the Frame

Karts do not come with suspension systems like cars. They have metal frames that sustain the pressure used in cornering and for impact. When making a corner, it has to flex and rotate temporarily. These frames are designed for this. However, when it has a hard impact with any barrier, the frames can bend or crack and this can affect it.

When buying a used one, you should check if the frames are still in order. Do this by looking out for dents or any welding. A welded one may still work but will require extra care. You may just as well avoid it altogether.

Ensure you also check that all the tires touch the floor at the same time and check that the frames are not warped or flattened.

See it in Person

Before buying one, you should strive to see it physically. Check the chassis, frames, and engine. The chassis should not be flat underneath. Pre-owned and used chassis may be scuffed but should not have excessive wear. You can even request to ride it for a while to see how it feels.

You may also ask for its history, about the last driver who used it including how it was used and why the previous owner wants to sell it.

You can find further tips in this article


Go-karts are generally safe due to their low level of gravity which means they rarely turn over. Whether you want it for recreation or you’re looking to start a career, you should carry out proper research before buying one. This is especially important if you are purchasing a used one.

We’ve provided you with some important information that should make this easier for you. It’s now up to you to use this information to your advantage.