Plonk Crazy Golf & Vintage Arcade, Peckham Levels, London

I am a HUGE fan of playing crazy golf so needed no encouragement to go and try out a brand new location for the successful PLONK chain who have both indoor and outdoor entertainment centres in London. (GIFTED)

rainbow sequin converse on woman playing crazy golf at Plonk, Peckham Levels

Peckham Levels is the fourth PLONK crazy golf course to open in the capital and it's worth visiting if only to see the imaginative repurposing of a multi-storey car park into a fascinating entertainment centre just a few steps off Rye Lane. 

PLONK is on the sixth floor and even during the quieter daytime hours (we visited at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon) there are options for good food within the complex ranging from veggie/vegan offerings from the cafe attached to the yoga centre to a Brazilian meat-fest and more in the huge street food court which has plenty of seating.

I imagine in the evening this place really comes alive with lots of events and destinations. PLONK even has its own cocktail bar on the premises and I'm told that it's possible to order food to be delivered right there which is super-cool.

The use of a relatively small space is genius - we loved the retro arcade games and I discovered a knack for pinball I thought was long lost. I am still baffled how I managed to repeatedly annihilate my tech-savvy teen daughter at a vintage street fighting game even though I could not work out what the buttons did.

Plonk crazy golf and vintage arcade, Peckham Levels

Onto the golf which I'll admit initially looked a bit, well, underwhelming. But clever use of space and imaginative designs for each hole made this course actually one of the most fun I have ever played and I include the giant American courses in that ranking.

Some of the holes involved getting the ball to a spot at right angles to the start point which is great for some frustration-busting slashing hits and immense satisfaction was to be had when you could watch a ball zig-zag down a complicated course to roll to just centimetres from the hole.

Family playing crazy golf last Plonk, Peckham Levels, London

Special mention must go the pinball style hole which involved putting and pinging. I can't really explain - you just HAVE to go and try it for yourself!

pinball crazy golf challenge at Plonk Peckham Levels

In our family group I didn't win but I didn't come last either. And it wasn't me that pointed out that the person filling in the scorecard won......Just sayin'

PLONK crazy golf scorecard

Prices for a game at PLONK Peckham Levels are very reasonable and I was very happy with the COVID-secure measures taken throughout the Peckham Levels complex. Don't forget your mask as you will be required to wear one throughout your visit to Plonk except for when eating or drinking. 

NB:PLONK at Peckham is open to over 18's only but other venues do allow children at certain times of day. Check the website for details

madmumof7 and daughter wearing masks & holding crazy golf clubs

Disclaimer: Four members of my household (including me) enjoyed a visit to Plonk, Peckham Levels , London free for the purpose of this honest review.