What Does a Certified Image Consultant in India Do?

It is easy to hear the phrase, "image consultant" and think that is all about teaching someone how to look good, but image is about more than what is presented on the outside, it is about expressing the best aspects of yourself to the world, including your talents and personality in order to be the best you that you can be.

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What Does a Certified Image Consultant Do?

In India, one of the hottest careers right now is a Certified Image Consultant. That's because when you are first starting out in your career, making a good first impression means everything. India is a unique country in that its population overall is younger than in other countries. The average age is about age 21. While many have dug into engineering and technology fields, a growing number have realized the importance of image, regardless of what they do.

Image consultants provide a variety of services to individuals about how to present themselves both personally and professionally in order to put their best foot forward in the world. 

While helping people on a one-to-one basis is admirable in its own right, many image consultants also branch out and work with fledgling businesses in order to help them with company branding in order to attract quality employees and customers or clients.

At the individual level, a certified image consultant can assist in both person's personal and professional life by helping with things like wardrobe selection that works the best with their body type, makeup choices, hairstyles, and more. 

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While these things may seem cosmetic, they play a vital role in a person's confidence and how they are able to carry themselves professionally, or even in the dating world. In fact, the ability to carry and present oneself in a positive and confident way can impact every area of their lives. The skills learned are transferable as well, and they will likely be able to pass that knowledge to their own families, or to people they employ in the future.

Is There a Need for Image Consultants in India?

There are many reasons why it is important for India to embrace image consultants throughout various aspects of their lives. With such a large young adult population, it is imperative that career choices are diversified and not simply chosen because of peer pressure. 

In one case a young woman abruptly changed from a career in technology to image consulting because she had realized that she had pursued a tech career largely because it had been the "thing to do" within her peer group. While she was competent in the tech field, she was not able to adequately use her interpersonal skills in order to give her the career satisfaction she desired. 

One of the nice things about pursuing a career in Image Consulting is that the training is not time-consuming like it is when a person is training for a more technical career or for something with a stronger basis in academics. 

Initial training can be completed in several weeks, rather than years, which can release some of the burdens on the educational system. It is also good for people who have been educated with other things and have dipped their toes into other industries because image consulting training can help them better highlight their own diverse skillset and bring it into their daily lives.

Image consulting is about more than giving someone a makeover by dressing them in some nice clothes and fixing their hair and makeup. It digs deeper into who they are so that they can communicate their best self to the world and transform themselves into a person who feels confident and beautiful from the inside out.

Get Started Image Consulting Today

Image Consulting is an international Field that is supported largely by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)By training to become an image consultant you will gain skills that help people and businesses impact their physical appearance, behavior, and communication abilities in a positive way. Every client you work with will have different needs in order to be their best. Some of these may include wardrobe consultations, etiquette advice, coaching about professional presentation, or even personal shopping as well as several others.

Potential clients may be found in anyone looking to improve their image, but especially those who are in politics, the media, or are professionals that are frequently in the public eye. At London Image Institute we have training locations all over the world, including India. 

When you join the training program in India, we gear the program toward the specific needs of India and its business landscape. We offer both a 7-day foundation course that focuses largely on personal presentation, as well as a 7-day advanced course that brings those skills to the next level that will help with things like protocol, personal branding, and other tools that will help you succeed and can help your future clients succeed as well.

London Image Institute has several training locations around the world, including Mumbai, India. To learn more about how you can improve your own image and become an image consultant yourself contact us today.