Natural Skin Care Ingredients for Great Skin


Health care is not just about being fit and being free of illnesses, it is also about the condition of our skin. For this reason, everyone has to be interested in taking optimal care of their skin.

Though it happens that many people are aware of this, the challenge however, is in knowing the steps that they have to take to properly handle this challenge. This challenge is not helped by the fact that there are many products and formulas being touted as solutions to these challenges. Again, many of these products contain unhealthy chemicals which might temporarily enhance your body, but then will have a negative effect in the long run.

However, nature has given us options, one of which is found in the hibiscus sabdariffa

What Is the Hibiscus Sabdariffa?

This is a type of the hibiscus flower that is mostly found in east and western Africa, it is also found in south-east Asia especially in Northeastern India. It is also known as the Roselle though it has several other names by which it is known in the different tribes and parts of the world where it is prominent. You can read more about it here.

It is one flower that has various uses but is mostly cultivated and used for either fiber, as spices or for medicinal purposes. It is also increasingly being popularly used for food coloring in the west.

Additionally, there is another fantastic benefit that it has which is becoming quite popular and which you should know about for your own benefit. And that is, its use as an ingredient for skin care products and its positive effect on the skin.

Benefits of the Hibiscus Sabdariffa on the Skin

It Boosts the Production of Collagen

Collagen simply put, is the protein content of your body. It is fundamental to the body structure of every human being. It Is also responsible for keeping the skin firm and lush.

The clearest example of the effect that a lack of collagen has on the body can be seen in the effect that it has on the skin of elderly people. Their skin becomes flabby and less firm while losing its lush. This happens because, with age, the body’s collagen production simply just slacks and also will produce less quality collagen.

However, this flower is able to naturally boost the body’s collagen production. You can find out more on collagens here:

It Stops the Breakdown of Elastin in the Body

As with collagen, elastin also is a part of the protein content in the body. Its duty is to keep your skin tight. And just like with collagen, it also breaks down with time as people get older.

This breakdown in this particular case is caused by an enzyme called elastase. However, the hibiscus sabdariffa is able to decrease the functions of this enzyme and in so doing, prevent the wrinkles that do occur on people’s skin while keeping their body’s smooth.

Used for Exfoliation

Again, this plant contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs for short). These acids, are able to take away skin cells in the body that are dead thereby leaving space and encouraging the new ones to grow. The result of this exfoliation is that the skin is left looking smooth and fresh.

Facilitates the Healing Of Wounds

This plant is able to help heal wounds because, it is able to speed up the fibronectin production in the body which makes wounds close faster. It also helps to facilitate the regeneration of the skin and thus, invaluable when it comes to the healing of body wounds.

Helps to Ease Internal Inflammation

This plant contains anthocyanin which is both antioxidative and anti-inflammatory and thus, is able to internally ease and reduce inflammation in the body. If not handled, oxidation and inflammation can result in aging skin in an individual.

What to Know About Skin Care Ingredients

flowers for skincare

It is very important that purchasers know what their favorite skin care products contain. This is to get you informed so as not to buy products that might end up causing problems for you. You should ensure that the product has natural ingredients like the Hibiscus Sabdariffa.


People will always want to take care of how they look to the public. For this reason, they look for products that will enhance their appearance.

However, they may not have adequate information on what the makeup of the product is. For this reason, purchasing products with natural ingredients will help your skin.