Add Value to your Home with Landscaping

 I heard the first lawnmowers firing up a week or so ago as in my neck of the woods we had a few days of sunshine and warmer temperatures. I duly dragged out my own mower and even donned gardening gloves to pull the worst of the weeds in my borders.

lawnmower on grass:Photo by Daniel Watson on Unsplash

After a couple of hours I was tired and, if I am honest, a little bored of the gardening and retreated to a chair to drink tea and peruse my slightly pathetic efforts. Put it like this even after my attempt to tame the yard I won't be winning any "beautiful garden" awards any time soon. 

Meanwhile my pal has a small but beautiful garden with plants, a dining area, patio, pergola and lights all created under her direction by talented landscapers for much less money than I anticipated such work would cost.

It inspired me to take a closer look at my own outdoor space and opened the possibilities of making it an even more useable and pleasant outdoor space.

Landscaping experts can help with everything from a simple reshape of your shrubs up to a complete makeover with hard and soft landscaping. It's a well known fact that good outdoor landscaping can add value and kerb appeal to your house.

Check out sites like landscaping contractors toronto for a good idea on what might be possible for your own yard. 

When planning a revival of your yard think about what you really want the space for. I like a low maintenance area where I can enjoy food and drinks with my friends. I have some plants in pots which I find easier to care for, a patio with a hot tub and a large solid wooden gazebo where we can gather with friends and family under shelter from hot sun and rain.

Keen gardeners with time on their hands  or the funds to employ help might enjoy the outside work of borders and flower beds and maybe might even want to create an area to grow fruits and vegetables.

There are so many styles of garden from English country to cactus gardens but it's worth checking with experts to see if your climate and soil will support your perfect plants. 

seedlings :Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Mature plants can be expensive but you can start with seeds or check notices for garden clubs who get cheaper deals buying in bulk and often hold plant sales or swaps.

No green fingers at all? Even a completely man-made garden with no natural plants can be beautiful as well as functional if it's designed well and is in keeping with the property it's attached to. Make a water feature or bird bath the focus and add seating to enjoy the outdoors.