Creating a Beautiful Home with Bold Colours & Designer Furniture

With travel and socialising limited for millions during the global pandemic many people have made the best of a terrible situation and spent time transforming their homes. From budget DIY to indulgent makeovers there is nothing guaranteed to make you feel better than a living space you love.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

I have always been a fan of the shabby chic/granny chic look but, inspired by my stylish son and any number of makeover TV programmes, I have added some more contemporary pieces to our home as part of a complete house facelift. I was amazed how much a few simple changes improved my mental health.

My eldest jokes that I copied the colour of the wall in his living room and to be fair our new colour scheme in our own lounge is very similar albeit with the dark blue having more of a green tinge than his.

aesthetic tray

However you cannot open a design magazine or watch any set of adverts without very similar bold colours  being featured- so much so that we have started playing "spot the dark blue wall" game when we watch tv. So not so much us copying him as us both being on trend!

Upstairs we have eschewed the safe magnolia we had for years as it was so easy to touch up when our children were young and grubby finger prints appeared on almost every surface. We've opted instead for a gorgeously rich teal accented with crisp pure white woodwork and contemporary gold, teal and pink accessories alongside an almost 30 year old classic style wool rug bought on our honeymoon in Side in Turkey.

teal walls and gold lantern

My son has just redecorated his own home and has also combined classic pieces with contemporary. He is a big fan of designer art and clothing so it's no surprise that he would want designer furniture to go with it.

Currently he is searching for the perfect statement chair for one particular corner and a stylish but compact desk for working from home as like many businesses, the company he works for has cut down the amount of time it's necessary to spend in the office.

It's often worth investing in a designer piece which will not only survive the rough and tumble of daily life but will also survive the passing fads of fashion to become a much loved staple of whichever home you end up in as the years go by.

Yes, you can pick up cheap fashion items in almost every high street and online store nowadays, but if you want something with a sense of history which still looks to the future it's worth checking out companies that offer a bespoke service like Aesthetix Furniture where even something as potentially mundane as a TV unit can be created by their team of designers and craftspeople to become something both practical and beautiful. And as the service is bespoke items can be made to suit your own personal style.

Flat pack is all very well but I am sure I am not the only one to get frustrated with collapsing drawers and wobbly wardrobes. We worried that our old bedroom furniture might topple onto our toddlers if they tried to climb it so replaced it as soon as we could. Bespoke fitted furniture is sturdy and safe and makes the best use of the space available. 

Soon we will be able to invite our friends and families back into our homes and I for one cannot wait to show people how I have transformed our home into a space I am really proud of.  Are you proud of your home? If not now might be a good time to start planning your own home makeover.