Geomag Supercolor Magnetic Construction Set #review

Some toys are timeless and I'll admit I have a few of the classic favourites in my attic ready for the next generation to enjoy at Granny's house. One set which was very popular with my children was Geomag   the magnetic construction set which has just been updated to be more eco-friendly whilst retaining all of the fun and educational benefits.

Geomag box

The brand new Geomag Supercolor (American spelling of colour as that's what is on the box) is made from 100% recycled plastic and I was amused to see that as well as my younger children, their 25-year-old sibling could not wait to get stuck into the fun creating a spinning triangle in a matter of seconds..

So what is Geomag Supercolor? Basically it is a set created so children (and adults!) can play with magnets and let creativity and imagination take over with the fun Geomag toy that works like pure magic. 

Geomag model

Thanks to the simple Geomag elements and the magic of magnetism, you can build endless 3D constructions with creativity and imagination. The elongated magnetic rods, steel balls and the various panel shapes make up the building system, which stimulates play and learning. 

You can buy multiple sets to build up your collection and make ever more complex models - a great toy to ask people to buy for birthdays and holidays. Certainly makes a change from the request for money for online games or for micro-transactions and perfect for people who like to actually wrap a gift.

My youngest son could not be more of a screen addict but this toy easily lured him away from his beloved iPad and he has repeatedly returned to play with the Geomag Supercolor set even when he has battery left on his gadgets. I don't think there could be a higher accolade!

Geomag model

I am pleased to see that unlike older sets, the new sets include a handy storage box, also made from recycled plastic, for the steel spheres and magnetic rods which keep them neat, safe and make the set easier to transport.

The Geomag 337 Supercolor Panels 35 Piece set is suitable for age 5+ and costs £26 from

Disclaimer: We received the Geomag supercolor magnetic construction set free for the purpose of this honest review.