IT Support for Small Businesses.

 I am very proud of my small business but getting it up and running and keeping it running has involved a lot of blood, sweat and tears over the years, especially when it comes to all  things IT related.

Obviously the business of on-line content creation is very heavily dependent on IT skills but it's hard to think of any small business nowadays which doesn't require some level of online presence and all the IT nightmares which come with that requirement.

I would have been lost in the early days without my IT savvy pal Jon who quite literally set my first website up and explained the basics to get me going.

Since then I have spent literally hours studying new skills, tinkering with and fixing my site and have had a few nail biting moments along the way. Only recently my sister called to inform me that my site didn't appear to be visible on any mobile devices - the main way my readers access

When your site is down you are losing valuable views, potentially losing sales and there will be some people who won't try again and will head to your competitor instead.

IT support for small businesses is a vital service which can make or break your business. Whether you are selling crochet crafts or offering emergency plumbing assistance you need to have your online presence clear and easy to find, user friendly and top of the search engine results.

You might be a whizz-kid at wallpapering or window cleaning, marketing or  manufacturing but if potential clients can't navigate or load your site you might as well still be hoping people spot your business card on the local takeaway noticeboard. And although you have great skills as an electrician or event manager it might be wise to leave experts to monitor your firewall, assess your cloud infrastructure and ensure your wifi is secure.


Starting a business is stressful enough so why not ask the experts for training and to advise you on creating the best set-up for your particular needs?

Ongoing, if you rely on tech for any aspect of your business from sales calls to providing online services you cannot afford to be left high and dry.

Sometimes it is just a case of "turning it off then turning it on again" but if that fails to fix the problem would you know what to try next?

Don't leave it until disaster strikes to try and find good IT support. With some companies offering 24/7 support you can sleep easy knowing that it won't be you up all night trying to fix that unexpected IT issue.