Refresh your Room with Ceiling Tiles

We have been redecorating and while it has been fun collecting (many, many) paint samples for the walls it didn't occur to us to do anything but refresh the white ceiling paint which is in every single room of our home.

Luckily Michelangelo didn't have our limited view of what constitutes a good ceiling but if you are not a world class artist you can still make more of the ceiling than we have.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling:Photo by Calvin Craig on Unsplash

Whatever style of home you have you will find a style of ceiling tile to enhance it. 

Apparently you can have a new ceiling installed in as little as just one day with no plastering, sanding or papering involved. You just need glue and scissors to fit beautiful decorative ceiling tiles.

You can opt for faux tin, faux wood or a variety of styles in pic or styrofoam some already in a range of colours, some available to be supplied in unique custom colours and some of which can be painted by you to complement your decor.

ceiling tiles

Imagine lying in bed or your bath and being able to admire stunning ceiling tiles instead of a blank surface.  Imagine all those tough to cover stains being covered by lovely new tiles. Ceiling tiles are also a great solution to cover up dated stucco, popcorn and stippled ceilings.

Most are slightly flexible so ideal for less than perfect ceilings and will smarten up damaged surfaces.

Many ceiling tiles are suitable for humid atmospheres and can be easily cut to size for awkward corners and round piping.

It's wise to buy tiles from a supplier who can guarantee quality and will offer advice on choosing and fitting ceiling tiles.

Make sure the tiles you choose are fire retardant - some even have a fire-extinguishing coating to give extra peace of mind. Not all ceiling tiles are created equal and for a quality finish you need to be sure that your tiles are both attractive and safe.

Ensure you use the glue or alternative fixing method recommended by your supplier. You don't want an unexpected shower of tiles at an inopportune moment.