Time to Retrain as an IT specialist?

 One thing this global pandemic has done is shake up the way we work and a lot of people have found that their industries are hit harder than most. My son who works normally in a school took a temporary contract at the local supermarket and discovered one of his new colleagues was previously an airline pilot.

global pandemic

For some this has proved to be the perfect time to take a good hard look at their lives and make changes to where and how they live. For some this has been immensely stressful while others have been glad of the opportunity to reconsider their careers.

Online work is obviously one of the sectors which has thrived during the lockdowns. Hands up if you can admit that, before March last year, you had never heard of Zoom? Now it's the staple tool of many a household's work and social life.

If you still haven't made the jump into a brand new career have you considered a career in IT? There are so many opportunities ranging from IT security, business analysis and design.

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Stop hesitating and take the leap of faith now - you could sendup with a better quality of life.