Looking for a tasty crunchy delicious snack? Check out LOVE CORN (Discount & Free Samples on offer!)

I am such a snack fan that I even have my own beautiful vintage tin filled with tasty treats to tempt my tastebuds. The latest super snack to make it into my tin is the delicious healthy LOVE CORN which comes in four fab flavours.

Love Corn in bowl with salamis

I swear my girls can hear the rustle of a snack packet from several miles away and so within seconds of my sample packs arriving (GIFTED) I had some keen volunteers to help me try out this flavoursome food.

teen wearing LOVE CORN hat holding Love Corn packet

LOVE CORN comes in four tasty flavours and the girls decided to start with salt and vinegar which received the thumbs up. The roasted corn kernels are surprisingly light and very crunchy rather than "wreck your teeth" hard. They are also surprisingly filling but luckily the bags are re-sealable so they stay fresh if you don't scoff the lot in one go.

Later that day I paired bowls of Habanero Chilli and Sea Salt with a platter of continental meats and olives for a pre-dinner treat. Delish!

 So, what makes LOVE CORN different? Here's the lowdown from the creators of these crunchy kernels.

  • • Whole Foods Magazine calls us the “Crunchiest Snack Ever!” 
  • • Our crunchy & delicious corn kernels are packed with flavour and made with love 
  • • Great for kids’ lunch boxes, after sports, in between meals 
  • • Pairs perfectly with beer & wine 
  • • We’re plant based, vegan, gluten free, verified Kosher and Non GMO 
  • • Our ingredients are as simple as they get, just corn that’s been roasted then seasoned - no need to overcomplicate something so crunchin’ good! 
  • • We have four pack a punch flavours; Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar; Smoked BBQ; Habanero Chilli (available in a variety of bag sizes: 20g snack pack, 45g portion size and 115g for sharing) 
  • • We’re a perfect swap for crisps, pretzels & crackers 
  • • Great for on the go, family snacking, with a beverage, lunch box and as a topper (on salads, soup or cheese boards) 

Take a look at this LOVE CORN video  and the LOVE CORN website for more information and to buy these crunchy snacks - use discount code CRUNCH20 for 20% off!

Fancy a free sample of all four flavours? Click HERE and just pay £1.99 shipping.

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