Important things to Know About Casual Dresses

A large percentage of women love to dress up and look all good for events. But even the most glammed up fashionista amongst women does not love dressing up every day. Apart from that, there are some occasions that don’t warrant going all out with your dressing. 

girl relaxing on bench wearing casual floral dress:Photo by Adrian RA on Unsplash

Casual dresses are important fashion items for every woman to have in her wardrobe. Can you imagine being invited to a picnic at the beach and you show up in a long dinner dress with some stilettos and heavy night time makeup?
  You would definitely look like a clown! 

There are several occasions that call for casuals and you want to look all girly; that is why you need chic casual dresses from reputable brands.  There are some dress shops such as Pampelone that can help you choose the right dress for any occasion. But since we are focusing on casual dresses in this article, let us give you some tips for choosing the right one for different occasions. 

Choosing the Right Casual Dress for Different Occasions

Summer is a season when most people let their hair down and refuel for the latter part of the year. This relaxation involves vacation, hangouts with friends and family, beach events and such things. Consequently, it almost goes without saying that the dress code for summer is ‘casual’.  So in this segment, we would discuss the right choice of dress for different occasions. 

Beach Wedding 

What you wear for a beach wedding depends on the theme of the wedding and whether it is formal or casual. For an informal wedding, you can wear a simple maxi dress with colourful patterns, a simple sundress, and a chic romper. If the bride has a color scheme, ensure that your ensemble adheres to it. 

Beach wedding, bride and groom and guests:Photo by GetĂșlio Moraes on Unsplash

When you wear bold prints and/or sunny colors it takes your casual look a notch higher making you look chic. Never wear cargo or swim shorts, denim or cotton t-shirt to a beach wedding. Sandals are an acceptable footwear option for this occasion but you have to give your feet good quality pedicure. If your feet are looking scruffy, then just wear something that would cover them.

For more information on what to wear to a beach wedding check out this site:

Beach Party 

When it comes to a beach event, the number one priority should be comfort. But that being said, you can still be comfortable and look classy so that should be your aim. The following are some brief tips to bear in mind:
  •  Always go for fabrics and outfits that are sun-friendly. Dark colors are a no, no since they absorb the energy of the sun.
  •  Choose flowing fabrics that are breathable and lightweight.
  • You do not need too many accessories for a beach party. There is absolutely no need for heavy jewellery or a wristwatch; you may even get by with only a hat and a pair of sunglasses.
  • For footwear, ensure that you wear something that you can manage and that would be comfortable; e.g sandals or flip flops. 
  • Wear something that would protect your skin as much as possible especially for those with sensitive skin. 

Bridal or Baby Shower

Some of these occasions specifically state the dress code but on a general note they are usually casual fun gatherings. It would be in bad taste to wear white or black although black can be acceptable if it leans more on the chic side.  

Similarly, some brides or mothers to be may request that their guests wear white. If this is the case, you can go ahead and do so but try to jazz it up with some feminine and colorful accessories. Speaking of bridal showers, you can check out this article for some fun ideas.

Family Get Together, Birthday Or Hang out With Friends 

This is an occasion that most definitely calls for a casual dress. But on second thoughts, a birthday celebrant might request that guests should glam up for the event. In that case, you have no choice but to acquiesce.  Apart from that special request, family gatherings and hangouts with friends gives you the leeway to dress for comfort based on the season. 

Based on the above, you can wear a casual summer dress with a pair of low and comfortable sandals or denim with a casual top. Just about anything that’s comfortable and wouldn’t make other guests uncomfortable is acceptable. 


It is highly important that every woman has some casual dresses in their wardrobe with some accessories for good measure. We believe that the information in this article would help you get the right dress for the right occasion.