Six Benefits of Using Charcoal Grills

Have you always adored the smell of smoked meat? If you do, you must be aware that nothing compares to the flavor achieved with a charcoal grill. 

charcoal BBQ

In spite of the introduction of gas and electric barbeques in the market, many individuals remain loyal to the traditional taste of smoked food cooked on hot coals. No other grilling method provides the same outer crispiness and internal tenderness of cooked meat.

These are the essential benefits of using such a grill. 

Smoky taste

The most prominent benefit of charcoal BBQs is the smoky taste it provides to the meals you cook. The smoke produced by the wood and coal penetrates the meat on the surface of the unit. Consequently, any type of food grilled with hot coals is tender, tastes smoky, and smells delicious. 
Gas and electric grills, on the other hand, can never achieve the same traditional taste. Individuals can even use various wood types and hardwood coals to achieve the aroma and flavor they crave for. As far as taste is concerned, these BBQs are believed to provide the most delicious, traditional flavor of smoked meat. 

Excellent control

Another benefit of using a charcoal grill is the possibility for grillers to maintain better control of the cooking process. There is a myriad of charcoal outdoor grills offering a traditional backyard cooking experience. Even though it takes much more time for these BBQs to preheat, you can leave your meat on the surface for a longer time without worrying about getting burned. 

Additionally, you just need to move the meat away from the coal to the cooler side. The longer you grill the steaks, the greater the absorption of smoky flavors. In order for grillers to have control of the grilling process, they have to keep track of the temperature. The most effective way of monitoring the temperature is by using a high-quality thermometer to determine the temperature of the food you’re cooking. As a result, you won’t risk burning or overcooking the food. 

Multi-zone cooking

Another reason why people love charcoal grills is the opportunity for multi-zone cooking. In the case of gas and electric BBQs, there should be several burners for users to have separate cooking areas. Nevertheless, the task of isolating a cooking zone is much simpler in charcoal grilling. 

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Grillers are required to move the coals in different ways to achieve the temperature they need. For instance, if you need direct heat, you should distribute the coals to one area. Conversely, when you need to slow cook your food, you just need to move it away from the direct heat. Hence, you can cook multiple ingredients in different temperature zones. Make sure you find out how to use a charcoal grill. 

In addition, the risk of flare-ups is significantly lower when compared to gas barbeques, which are prone to such outbursts. Charcoal grills provide a safer grilling experience, as grillers aren’t likely to get hand or face burns due to unexpected flare-ups.

Remarkable heat

These barbeques are known for their capacity to burn hotter than gas and electric grills. Despite the longer preheating time, charcoal BBQs outperform the other BBQ models once the coals get hot. The juices of the meat or vegetables you are grilling fall on the coals, vaporize, and add taste to the food once again. 

This process isn’t as effective in gas and electric barbeques, as these use heated metal bars for the same purpose. The high temperature provided by coal is what makes the meat crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. As long as you know how to command the flames, your steaks will have the perfect crusty layer. 


Portability is among the greatest benefits of charcoal BBQs owing to their simple design and lightweight. Gas barbeques aren’t as convenient to relocate due to the presence of the tank or, even worse, the connection to the household gas line. Anyhow, barbeques using hot coals instead of gas can be relocated anywhere in your yard. 

Moreover, individuals can even take their BBQs with them when camping, fishing, or having a picnic. It’s the perfect alternative for outdoor cooks who wish to have their grills handy on their adventures. This website,, reveals some tricks for grilling the perfect steak. 


Another incredible benefit of these BBQs is their affordability when compared to electric and gas models. These units don’t have a lot of components, and their design is much simpler, which reduces the costs of production. Also, coal is an affordable and available fuel, stored for longer periods without fearing degradation. 

Final thoughts

Nothing compares to the traditional taste, powerful heat, and portability of charcoal barbeques.
The budget-friendly prices of these units provide homeowners with a chance to buy one for their homes!