Head to Harley Street for ENT Issues

Waiting times for NHS services have been badly affected by the global pandemic and it seems to me that those who can should opt for private healthcare to not only beat the queues, but relieve pressure on the NHS and give those in need a better chance of being seen and treated earlier.

doctor typing on laptop:Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Living with any issues within the disciple of ENT - ear nose and throat- can be really debilitating. You just can't get away from any health condition which affects your breathing, eating, hearing and speaking. These problems can have a really negative effect on work, home and leisure time.

Because it's so important to sort ENT issues out quickly, safely and effectively it's vital you choose reliable, trustworthy experts to examine and make a treatment plan.

Harley Street is known across the world as one of the premier locations for top notch private healthcare and so a Harley Street ENT clinic would be a good option for those looking for a consultation with pioneering world-class consultants.

One of the positive by-products of the pandemic is that people are much more comfortable with remote consultations so if you want to cut down on travelling and limit your face to face contact generally you can opt for an initial chat via email, telephone or even video consultation.

Obviously safety precautions are a top priority with healthcare settings and anyonewith symptoms or recent contract with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 would be asked to stay away and visitors are currently asked to come alone when possible, use hand sanitiser during their visit and wear a mask when asked to. 

ENT covers an astounding number of health and cosmetic conditions. ENT specialists will deal with a huge range of treatments and surgeries from correcting over prominent ears to treating throat cancer. 

Humas anatomy medical model:Photo by Nhia Moua on Unsplash

Often people live with problems they think healthcare providers might consider minor or trivial, but quality of life can be vastly improved when these type of issues are tackled.

During my university years I suffered for just one term with a sinus issue which caused post nasal drip, headaches and a loss of appetite. My mum took one look at me as I got off the train and took me to see the doctor as I was so ill with something I thought might just go away. I couldn't believe how simple treatment  made me better so quickly and made me realise how awful I had been feeling.

Nowadays my biggest ENT is my husband's snoring which seemed to get significantly worse after he was intubated for surgery. I was interested to see that snoring is a condition which can potentially be treated by ENT specialists.

Sometimes speed is of the essence especially since some seemingly minor niggles could be a sign of a more serious health condition brewing. Our NHS is marvellous but there's no doubt resources are stretched at the best of times, never mind when exhausted practitioners are dealing with the ongoing pandemic.

If you at all concerned about anything, from difficulty swallowing and dizziness to nose bleeds and tonsillitis, it is definitely worth considering investing in your health and happiness - book an appointment as soon as possible so you can look forward to getting on with life without annoying and distressing health conditions interfering.