Want to Combine Travel With Work? Consider Teaching English in One of These 3 Southeast Asian Countries

When it comes to teaching English overseas, Asia is by far the finest area to go if you don't have years of experience.

Look to Asia first if you want to live overseas, teach others, travel, and earn money!

However, with so many nations to select from, deciding where to begin can be difficult.

Let's have a look at the most popular Southeast Asian destinations and see which countries are actually the greatest for teaching abroad!

1. Japan

Japan is number one and is renowned for being one of Asia's top five countries for English teaching, and it’s clear to see why. Living and working in Japan is a fantastic experience. What's not to like about kind people, clean streets, lovely landscape, and old temples?

Teaching English in Japan is one of the most cost-effective methods to live in Japan for a prolonged period of time while avoiding the high cost of living. While it isn't the highest-paying country in Asia, Japan has long been a favourite teach abroad location and has a solid structure in place for anyone interested in doing so.

2. Vietnam

When it comes to teaching overseas, Vietnam is unquestionably the rising star.

Teachers in Vietnam work by the hour rather than on a monthly payment, which appears to be much more flexible than in East Asia. Most jobs in Vietnam don't need you to work regular hours and will allow you to take unpaid time off to travel or visit family.

While Vietnam isn't the best-paying country in Asia, the low cost of living will allow you to save a significant amount of money. Teachers in Vietnam can save just as much as those who choose to teach in South Korea!

In addition, as detailed by SaneTraveller, the quality of living in Vietnam is excellent!

Weekends can be spent kayaking in Ha Long Bay, trekking in Sapa, or simply relaxing on the beach in Danang.

You're sure to enjoy an epic trip with delicious food and powerful Vietnamese coffee, as well as lovely, affordable apartments and cheap motorbikes for sale.

3. South Korea

Since we briefly mentioned this country already, South Korea is number three.

For almost as long as Japan, South Korea has been a popular teach abroad location.

Many people begin their careers teaching overseas in South Korea, which has long been regarded as Asia's greatest place to earn money teaching overseas. However, South Korea's fame isn't solely based on its ability to make money.

Fantastic food, a busy nightlife, wonderful shopping areas, gorgeous temples, and an extensive train network make it easy to navigate throughout South Korea.

South Korea, on the other hand, has a work-hard, play-hard mentality, and the hours can be long. Expect your boss to take you to karaoke after work and encourage you to down shots of soju.

People in South Korea often find work in a public school or a private Hagwon academy through programmes like EPIK and GEPIK.

There are many work opportunities available, and with 53 different programmes to select from, you can't go wrong!


As you can see, there are some great countries out there if you want to teach English abroad, mixing work and play for an experience you’ll never forget. The best thing you can do is to do your own research, list out the pros and cons of what you love and what you want to experience, and then find a country that can fulfil your needs!