Stylish Summer Hats

When we were in Camden Market the other day we had lots of fun admiring the many different sorts of hats which were for sale at so many places selling hats. It was fun to look but as you'd expect in a tourist destination the prices were quite steep.

There were some really wild and wacky designs from steampunk style to Peaky Blinder caps. But what we noticed was that the retro summer trend for bucket hats is very prevalent and if you don't have one yet, why not?

Woman wearing butterfly bucket hat :Photo by Brock Wegner on Unsplash

My daughter (aged 20) has a truly bonkers bucket hat featuring frog ears - we saw a few of those around Camden actually.

It's a brilliant style which suits pretty much everyone, young and old.  Floral, themed and even military bucket hats can be unisex and look great styled casually or even with smarter outfits. 

Bucket hats provide great protection from the sun due to their all round brim which shades the face, neck and even the ears - sunburnt ears can be very painful!

Stylish guys might be particularly interested in white bucket hats for men which go particularly well with a sporty aesthetic.

Man wearing white bucket hat: Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

White has the benefit of going well with any other colour of clothes so you don't have to worry that the hat won't match your outfit.

The other popular option is of course the classic mens five panel hats with the brim that shades your eyes and protects your face from the sun.

Design choices are almost endless with these hats famous for showing allegiance with political parties, bands, sports teams and designers. Or you can opt for plain, patterned or floral or even get hats custom made with your hobby, business or community organisation featured.

Hats are a must-have for sunny weather or for when you want your outfit to reflect your personal style.

School children should always wear hats if there's the slightest chance that UV levels can cause any issues. It's best if possible to let them choose a style they like to ensure the best chance that they will wear it. This is especially true for teenagers.


Some adults grew up in a time when it was not cool or it was not felt necessary to wear hats. But in the UK we didn't use to wear seatbelts and now everyone knows these are essential to save. lives and protect against serious injuries in the event of a car accident.

Even if you never wore a hat before it's vital to start wearing one now, even in countries where it doesn't feel hot all of the time.

Some weather forecast apps have a predicted UV rating for the day and an indication of when there is more risk of skin damage.

Don't rely on cloudy skies to protect you always carry a hat just in case.

Some people prefer straw or bamboo hats, lots of people like baseball caps. Maybe you fancy a top hat with steampunk glasses or a British bowler. I like fold up fabric hats which I can keep in my handbag to pull out when needed.

I often visit Cyprus where it tends to be windy so I quite like hats with drawstrings under the neck which help keep the hat securely on my head.

Some people look amazing in every type of hats while others are not sure they look so good. Even if you think you don't suit hats, try a range on to find the style that fits well and makes you feel good.