Take your Water Filter on Holiday

 I love my Zerowater filter (GIFTED) which makes my water taste lovely, saves my electronic devices like my expensive coffee machine and reassures me that I am not ingesting anything nasty. However when I go camping I fill up my water container usually from a fairly dubious outside tap. It occurred to me - why don't I take my water filter on holiday?

Zerowater filter with enamel teapot and cup on table  in field

The average person uses over 100 litres of water per day. Providing bountiful health benefits, we are told to drink at least 2 litres a day (around 8-10 cups).  Some people buy plastic bottled water because it is from the ‘finest’ mountain ranges in the world but the Zerowater 12 cup/2.8 litre Jug is here to make tap water cool again and saves on plastic waste.

Zerowater 12 cup water filter

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and is essentially a measure of substances present in the water aside from H2O. This could include organic substances like silt, dead leaves and regrettably even sewage or inorganic substances like fluoride, chlorides, sulphates, and equally as worrying, metals such as lead and copper. Some cities in the UK have TDS readings of above 300, by using Zerowater they reduce to Zero. Hence, the name Zerowater.

Zerowater aims to move the score to zero. Zerowater features an unrivaled 5-stage 'ion-exchange filtration system, its filter Jug removes those nasty bits. The ion-exchange technology inside Zerowater means they can proudly boast to be the only water filtration system to remove 99.6% of TDS. Most others only contain a 2-stage filter, thereby removing a lot less of those TDS and simple carbon-only water filters remove less. 

Removing 99.6% of TDS means it provides the equivalent levels of TDS as you would find in any purified bottled water (a microscopic 0.04%). Great news for the vast number of households up and down the country who live in areas with high TDS levels.

So that's my home water supply sorted but I've been so concerned about water supplies when I am away in my tent or caravan that I buy bottled water, even to use in the kettle. We really only use the campsite water for washing up.

I already have a collection of those big water bottles which I refill at home but it's a pain to do - then it occurred to me. Why don't I just take my Zerowater filter away with me? What I've ended up doing is getting a second Zerowater to keep in the caravan to make sure I don't forget it in the chaos of packing.

Voila clean water which makes the perfect cup of tea!

cup of tea on log in forest: Photo by Tiard Schulz on Unsplash

My husband is particularly sensitive to changes in the mineral content when travelling, especially when we go abroad. Taking our filter would prevent his sensitive tummy from feeling the effects. It would be great in self catering properties or even hotels where you might be concerned about the piping or supply in any way.

Zerowater filters come in a range of sizes and designs including a rather smart stainless steel version.

I buy my refills on Amazon where they generally arrive next day with my Prime subscription but I've just realised Zerowater offer a range of filter refill subscription services to help you avoid running out which makes the replacement filters much cheaper.