Save Money & Resources & Opt for Repair Not Replacement

I am a big fan of recycling and re-using everything from clothes and shoes to kitchen appliances. Only this weekend we transported and fitted a dishwasher for my eldest which had been gifted by our friends who are having her house demolished and completely rebuilt! 

The amount of stuff they are reusing is commendable. Even the bricks from the house are being repurposed to create a patio. The gift is win win - my friends are happy the almost new dishwasher is not being dumped and my son and his partner are happy they don't have to wash up by hand, especially since there's a baby on the way.

washing up

Let's be honest with delivery issues and delays the way they are it's probably quicker as well as almost certainly cheaper to get things fixed rather than order new.

It can be daunting to find a repair technician though so where do you start?

Well first of all being prepared with a carefully researched list of people or companies who can repair stuff is useful and will save you the stress of an emergency scramble for anyone available when the worst happens and your vital appliance dies.

Ask your friends and family for recommendations so that if you need to get an efficient oven repair at short notice you will have some numbers to call without the worry that they are unreliable or dishonest.

Use "check a trader" type websites to find contractors who have been vetted but always double check their professional qualifications and ask them to provide details of satisfied customers who are happy to speak to you - don't rely on posted reviews which can be bought or faked.

Have in your head an amount you are happy to pay for repair. Although it's great to give an old appliance an extension to its life it doesn't make sense to spend a lot more than a new model would cost.

It might be worth checking prices of appliances at places like Home Depot so you know exactly what your budget might be before deciding to replace or repair.

Look for a contractor who offers same day service and who aims to repair during the first visit rather than just do a call out to diagnose and come back at some future date to repair. When a vital appliance is out of use you really want it back up and running as soon as possible!

tools on wooden decking

Check that they have experience and training in your specific model and can cope with cabinet set ups if you have built in appliances. Also ask if the work has any form of guarantee.

Getting used to the quirks of a new appliance can be frustrating so it's great if you can bring new life to your old familiar appliance. For instance I know that my oven always runs a little hot so I adjust cooking times and temperatures accordingly.

Repair your appliance and get a warm fuzzy feeling that you are saving money and the environment.