Update Your Home with Modern Furniture

I live in a small street where many of the houses have the same size and shape interior. It always fascinates me to see how vastly different each house can look depending on the personal style of the occupants.

modern interior:Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

If you ever browse realtor's listings although you are meant to look past the decor and furniture and imagine your own in place, most people can't help but look (and judge) what's in situ.

I am a big fan of moving my furniture and decor around regularly to give my house a fresh look with very little effort. I've noticed how my taste has changed and evolved over the years from ultra-modern to vintage and antique and now a mix I like to call ancient and modern!

There's no doubt that a  home decorated with modern furniture will generally look much cleaner and tidier than one stuffed with oversized antique furniture, especially if your home is modern or on the smaller size.

If you fancy a change in interior decor the great news is that you can buy modern furniture on pretty much any budget. Canadian readers can find a modern furniture store in Saint John and others can browse the internet to find online and actual stores near them.

It might be tempting to buy modern from giant global brands like the ubiquitous Swedish blue and yellow store but it m might be more exciting to choose a more unique statement piece to define your style without fear that the same item is in thousands of student digs and starter homes.

However cheaper modern pieces can be upscaled with decor, place settings and accessories like cushions, throws and plants so if your budget is super-low or you can't find a piece of furniture you love, choose something similar and give it a twist with your own style.

modern interior

The thing with opting for a modern decor is that you have to keep your eye on the ball to make sure your interior doesn't date quickly. Keep checking store windows, Pinterest and interiors magazines to see what's in style and adjust accordingly. It might be just a case of changing out the colour of your cushion covers or adding some on trend plants - I currently have ochre accessories and tiny succulents adorning a number of surfaces.

It's OK to be inspired by the homes of friends and family but be careful not to just copy them. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but actually no-one really wants to walk into a carbon copy of their own room elsewhere.

For the same reason, don't just buy everything out of a window or store display. The key to great interiors is to pour a little of your soul into it so visitors get a feel for who you are (or even who you would like to be!)