5 Celebrity-Inspired Fashion Trends You Have to Follow

New York Fashion Week is upon us, as are other fashion events all across the world’s fashion capitals. Be it Milan, Paris, Seoul, or New York; you’ll see similar trends popping up in each city. Of course, the first people to hop on board these are the celebrities who sit front-row or walk these shows. Although runways cement the year’s fashion trends, celebrities establish them. They build their unique fashion sense, which carries itself far beyond the runway. You will come across celebs spotting the most exquisite trends, whether they’re on a grocery run, lunch date, or a night out. 

So, if you’re looking for the trendiest fashion trends, you should look towards your favorite celebs. Below, we’ve listed some of the best fashion trends you can effortlessly channel if you want to look on-point this fall. 


clothes hanging on coat hangers:Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels


Wide leg pants 

One of the biggest trends you’ll see on the runways and celebrities this fall is the classic, ever-flattering wide-leg trousers. These trousers are a drastic departure from the skinnier, tight-fitting pants we’ve been used to seeing. They offer a more comfortable fit and keep our outfits much trendier. Long, loose pants can add much more depth to any look than skinny styles that look tacky in comparison. 

However, this rule doesn’t just apply to your pants but extends to all sorts of bottoms. If you find yourself reaching for denim, pick a straight-cut pair for a chic effect. Wide-leg jeans are another option, and these can look incredibly flattering on plus-sized women. Jeans for plus-sized women are made to be exceptionally accommodating, and they can provide you with a comfortable, flattering fit. With well-fitting plus size jeans, you can go for the perfect model-off-duty look. Something you’ll often see on many celebrities like Rosie Huntington Whitley and Kendall Jenner. 


Square toe shoes 

Footwear trends are just as essential as clothing trends. And you’ll see a surge in square-toed designs all over the runways and sported by your favorite celebs too. The square toe-line is much more exaggerated than the circular, less eye-catching one we’re used to traditionally. Besides, in some designs, this footwear alone can make the loudest and boldest statement. You’ll see celebrities like Rosalia, Gigi, and Bella Hadid frequently channeling the look in various unique styles. 

If you want to be super experimental, you can opt for square-toed boots, which are sure to make a statement. However, opting for thong sandals or kitten heels with a square toe is a fabulous option if you want a subtler, laid-back look. Rainbow-bright heels are pretty popular this season and allow you to make a statement even as you go for a more understated look. So, if you’re looking to elevate any look, square-toed shoes in a range of colors, patterns are the best pick. 


Go full pink 

Let’s face it – we’ve all had a ‘not like other girls’ phase where we’ve shunned anything pink for fear of seeming overly feminine and ordinary. Nowadays, women are embracing their femininity in all forms, including the color pink. Suppose you’re looking to make a lasting impression without going over the top. In that case, this soft yet alluring, eye-catching color should be your best friend. However, we don’t mean just adding one or two pink items to your outfit. Instead, go all out and embrace a head-to-toe pink ensemble. 

You’ll witness celebrities like Victoria Beckham popularly donning all-pink outfits that look stunning. If there’s ever a color to enhance and elevate your look, make your complexion smoother, and highlight your best features, it’s pink. When putting together your all-pink outfit, you can choose different shades of color or the same hue. Moreover, an effortless way to add layers is by having your top and bottom in the same color, while your outerwear can be darker. It can make your outfit feel much more coordinated instead of being bland. 


Oversized blazers

Chic tailoring is a style that never goes out of fashion, and celebrities like Margot Robbie give it a modern spin. Instead of well-fitting blazers, this is the season of the chic, oversized blazers. Besides, these blazers are just as sharply tailored as before. Nonetheless, they offer a loose and flowy, more comfortable fit. This factor makes them universally flattering, whether it’s for plus-sized women or petite ladies. 

Oversized blazers offer a much more relaxed take on tailoring, which can often come off as a little uptight. These blazers are effortlessly cool and look stunning along with your favorite pair of jeans or sleek trousers alike. Of course, you get extra brownie points if you can rock them in bright, jewel tones just like Robbie herself. You can find high-end and fast fashion brands alike stocking some remarkable pieces, so you should get yours fast.


Bike shorts 

The pandemic has forced us all to embrace the more comfortable side of fashion, which is why you’ll see athleisure becoming increasingly popular. While there are various athleisure articles you can rock in and outside of the gym, bike shorts are the most popular. You’ll see models like the stunning Ashley Graham, Elsa Hosk, and Emily Ratajkowski, to name a few rocking the trend reasonably often. 

Of course, the easy way to incorporate bike shorts into your wardrobe is with a hoodie or sweatshirt and your favorite pair of sneakers. What’s more, you can also add a touch of creativity and pair yours with an oversized blazer and understated heels for a chic, semi-formal look. These shorts are perfect for a comfortable yet effortlessly cool look that’s incredibly eye-catching. 




In today’s celebrity-driven fashion industry, there’s no shortage of fashion trends to hop on board. But these are easily the chicest ones you can try. Vetted by your favorite celebs, these trends are classic, comfortable, and super flattering for anyone. They leave you enough room to experiment with and put your spin on, so you can efficiently work any of these staples into your wardrobe.