One Day At A Time: Steps To Overcome Addiction

Addition and impulse control disorders are some of the most common mental illnesses after depression and anxiety. They plague our population and affect millions of people around the world. However, unlike depression and anxiety, the physical and mental complications are more explicit. That is not to say that these mental illnesses don’t take a toll on your health; they do, but the direct effects of drug addiction can be much more severe. 

It takes an otherworldly power of will to overcome an addiction and get clean. The determination to beat the drugs and come out of this as a changed person is an extremely commendable strength of character that deserves praise. However, sometimes you need a little help to guide you through the process and educate you about what is yet to come. 

In this article, we will talk about some of the steps involved in overcoming addiction. If you are looking to break the habit, these tips will give you insight into what to expect and how to go about the recovery process. 

1)    Acceptance And Acknowledgment

One of the most dangerous things about being an addict is that they don’t know they have an issue. The self-awareness factor is extremely important if you are trying to get clean and take your life back. Far too many people believe that they have more control over their impulses than they actually do. 

What you’ll find in any addiction recovery guide is that the most important step of getting clean is to admit, acknowledge and accept the fact that you have an addiction. Once you come to terms with the issue and how severe it may be, you can work towards joining a program or checking yourself into rehab. Inpatient and outpatient care vary depending on the severity of the addiction and how difficult the withdrawal will be. 


2)    Letting Go Of A Toxic Social Circle

It’s important to get out of a negative environment when it gets too hard to handle. Your social circle is often the one that gets you into drugs. They are also one of the most common factors that keep you in an addictive rut. You need to change your scenery before it gets worse and you fall deeper into the pit of addiction. 

Either cut them off completely or move away for a while. The social break and change in scenery could do you good and encourage you to grow in a new environment. Getting away from is one of the basic principles of rehab facilities. They take you out of your harmful environment and put you in serene, secure, and comfortable environments where you can grow and beat the addiction once and for all. Recovery won’t be easy if you continue to live in your existing social bubble. You are most likely going to be 
peer-pressured and patronized till you give in and start using again to gain acceptance. 


3)    Go To Therapy

When recovering from an addiction, it would be great for you to enroll in a group therapy program to learn more about others' experiences and share your own. Talking about your experiences in a safe space and learning from others' experiences is very important. Group therapy sessions are a great way to gain catharsis and come to terms with your emotions. 

Moreover, private therapy sessions can be great as well. Behavioral therapy approaches can do wonders for people in the recovery phase. Behavioral modifications, trigger awareness, and coping strategies can help overcome your addiction and get you on the road to recovery. 
CBT, DBT, and other behavioral approaches may help you in ways that you never imagined. 


4)    Talk To Your Loved Ones

It’s important to talk to your loved ones about your issues and assure them that you are getting clean. Remember that your actions don’t affect others around you. Your family and friends have struggled through your addiction as well. Take a minute to talk to them and assure them that you are doing what needs to be done to beat this for good.

Not only will this give you a sense of catharsis, but I will also bring back a very necessary factor that you need to get over this addiction, social support. You need to draw on your loved ones in times like these. You need emotional support, physical affection, and to be around positive people as much as possible. No one wishes for your recovery more than your loved ones. The love and admiration that they have for you are bound to be a motivating factor to break the habit and regain your life. It’s not too late to rekindle once broken relationships. 


5)    Get Back Into Society

Addiction takes you away from society and encourages you to isolate yourself as much as possible. In the bargain, you might lose your job and rack of a bunch of debt. Now that you are nearly at the end of your recovery journey, it would be a good idea to go on the job hunt and start all over again. Don’t be surprised if you need to start from the bottom and work your way up through the social ladder. You will have to put in the work and regain the position you once had in society. 

Finding a job and acting as a fully functional member of society helps give you meaning in life and gives you a direction to head in. it can be extremely motivating and gratifying to develop (re-develop) your social standing and integrate with society once again. 



Here are some of the steps that you may have to go through to overcome an addiction. The factors mentioned above can create an informal guideline for you to follow and help you through the process. At least now you know what to expect and how to go about the recovery process. From admitting the issue to regaining your place in society. We understand how hard it’s going to be, but it’s better to walk a difficult path than not be able to walk one at all. We wish you all the best, take care and good luck!