You WILL Want This! Felt iBED Storage Lap Desk Review

My office is wherever I happen to be, whether that is on my sofa, on the train, at a cafe table in Cyprus or in bed. I tend to spread the stuff I need around me so I was very excited to discover this cute and practical lap desk with a groove to support iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy tablets and more PLUS a roomy storage compartment. AD

iBED STORAGE lap desk with Kindle in slot, blue and white mug containing tea and glasses on tray.

I have a bit of a thing for that gorgeous felt that is described as black but I would say is nearer a luscious dark grey. Teamed with a smart light coloured wooden lid and curved corners it was love at first sight. My eldest son wandered past as I opened it and I saw his eyes light up but even though he also occasionally works from home, I was not prepared to give this gifted beauty away.


iBED STORAGE LAp Desk with iPad pro in slot and bluetooth keyboard.

Perfect for working, hands free reading or movie viewing at home or on your travels, the stylish portable iBED from Kikkerland has a surprising amount of space available once you remove the wooden top.

iBED STORAGE interior containing Kindle, pen, scissors, spectacle case and office supplies.

FYI the slot dimensions are 30cm x1.4cm which accommodates most tablets without covers or cases. To make sure the perfect balance is achieved when using a large tablet without anything on the desk, simply turn the IBED so that most of the top is behind the table. Or do what I do and load the tray with snacks so the weight of your tablet is balanced by biscuits.

Imagine- breakfast in bed with your tablet propped up safely for viewing, and plenty of space for your cuppa. You can use it as an old school desk too if like me you are a fan of stationery.

iBED STORAGE with notebook and pencil on lap desk top.

Basically, this is the perfect accessory for work or play. Want one? Or know someone who would love it as much as I do? The Felt IBED STORAGE is available from Store, along with a myriad of other things you didn't know you needed until you saw it. Bookmark the site for some easy gift shopping without leaving your home.

Disclaimer: I was gifted the Felt IBEd Storage lap desk for the purpose of this honest review. Want to get a closer look? Check out my video on TikTok @madmumofficial