A Guide to Managing High Energy Bills Every Month

Energy rates across the world, including for customers in Australia, are on the rise. Many people are trying to get out of their existing contracts because they want to switch to a cheaper supplier. However, this is not an easy task and can be costly if you do it wrong. So, here are some tips for finding cheap energy plans in Australia and beyond.

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 Shop Around

If you think that your current energy supplier is charging too much and you want to switch, take a look at the market and see what rates other providers charge. By shopping around for cheap energy plans, you will be able to find cheap energy plans. Everyone has their way of conserving energy in this day and age.


Solar Panels

Solar panels are an excellent energy-saving investment, so why not invest in them? If you can get your hands on some free or cheap solar panels, then put them up to get energy straight from the sun. 

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 Solar panels are a great choice for the environment and help you save money on energy costs, which is a win-win situation. Australian residents can claim a rebate of up to 50% on solar power systems.



Many new appliances that people use have clock functions and timers which can be pretty wasteful. If you unplug these items whenever they are not in use, you will save money because your device will not use electricity. 


Turn Down Your Heating and AC

When the weather gets warmer, it may be time to turn down your heating and AC. However, this can be quite hard in winter because you will want to keep warm. 


You do not need the air conditioner on full blast when you leave the house. Make sure that you turn these items down to save yourself some money.


Discounts and Deals

Energy companies may offer bundling discounts and other attractive discounts. You may also check for eligible government rebates. For example, the government offers rebates and discounts for pensioners, army veterans, and high usage. 


Consider the daily supply charge of different energy suppliers in Australia before finalising one. Installation of small-scale energy systems will also qualify you for rebates and discounts under the SRES


Other rebates like the NSW Family Energy Rebates are available for recipients of Family Tax Benefits. Customers can claim up to $180 under this rebate scheme. You will have to register for eligible concessions and rebates through relevant government websites.


Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home

So now that you know the best ways to save money on your energy bills, there are also some tips to minimise your bill. 

      Use LED light bulbs where possible.

      Turn off the appliances when you are not using them.

      Cook on a stove instead of an oven when possible.

      Use your dishwasher and washing machine as much as you can with full loads.

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By taking the small steps to conserve energy, you will see that your bills come down substantially. You will be using minimal electricity and water; therefore, your energy supplier may reward you with a discount. These tips should help you conserve energy and will allow your bills to be lower in the future.