Don"t Delay Repairing your Roof

I adore those beautiful British cottages with thatched roofs but although they look quaint they need annual maintenance to keep them looking so cute. At least with a shingled/tiled roof you can mostly ignore it as it gets on with keeping your home weatherproof.

British thatched cottage:Photo by Megan Andrews on Unsplash

When things go wrong in life I have been known to say "at least we have a roof over our heads" but how do you know when that roof needs some TLC? 

I have more than sneaking suspicion that ours needs maintenance if not completely replacing because quite a few of my neighbours whose homes were built at the same time as ours have scaffolding up and roofers clambering across the ridges.

I've been a bit of an ostrich to be honest because last time I went into our loft space I spotted some daylight through the rather ragged roof lining paper. The actual roof seems mostly sound as my husband was a scaffolder and has relatively recently been on the roof to repair the flashing and repoint the chimney so he checked the tiles then.

I did not go and check - one of the worst experiences of my life was climbing a cliff ladder from a beach and I prefer to stay as near to the ground as possible.

assorted roofs:Photo by Jack Price-Burns on Unsplash

Even though he is happy working at height this is not a job for your average DIY-er and I would strongly advise finding someone who offers affordable roof repair services and ask them to give your home's crowning glory the once over.

Even if a roof repair or replacement is not required imminently, experts will be able to give you an idea of what kind of time span you are looking at before you do need to take action, giving you time to sort out the finances for what is one of the biggest maintenance jobs your home is likely to require.

Most roofs last 15-20 years but this lifespan can be shortened by weather conditions. Winds over 60mph are particularly damaging to shingle roofs.

If notice a leak in your roof after a storm or rain you should get in touch with professionals as soon as possible to avoid potential ongoing damage to the structure of your home. A stitch in time saves 9 the old proverb says and this may apply to roof repairs which could save big bucks down the line.

Apart from storm damage and general wear and tear ice can do untold damage to roofs especially if it gets into a small existing crack and expands it.

How do you find a reliable roof repair contractor? You could ask friends or family who have recently had work done then ask the company they recommend for references. Make sure you go and actually visit the properties as you have no idea who is on the end of a movie phone number.

Check for professional qualifications and/or membership of reputable professional bodies - check with the organisation to make sure they are entitled to claim membership, don't just take a claim on a brochure as proof. If you are about to spend thousands on your roof you want to be sure the people on it know what they are doing.