Must-See & Do Popular Aboriginal Travel Experiences

Is traveling one of your hobbies? Then you might want to visit Australia at some point and get a superb travel experience. In Australia, you’re bound to get among the best aboriginal travel experiences globally.

Map of Australia:Photo by Joey Csunyo on Unsplash

 We’ll now look into some of the must-see and do aboriginal travel experiences in Australia, and they include:


1. The Garma Festival


The festival usually takes place in the Northern territory. It is a cultural event, and it is extraordinary. During the festival, the Yolŋu people usually share their culture and knowledge. 


At the festival, you’ll enjoy dance, visual art, dance, and ancient storytelling. Through the festival, the Yolŋu people gain through economic opportunities that help to foster community development, self-governance, youth leadership, and education. The Yolŋu also talk about some of the issues they face, and some solutions usually come about in the process. 


The Garma festival also aims at strengthening the Aboriginal culture while preserving it. Through such a festival, it is possible to ensure that non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal Australians understand each other. The festival takes place annually in August. During the festival, you can also acquire aboriginal gifts.


2. Great Sandy National Park


The national park consists of two parts. The national park has colored sands, and the water is pristine blue. 

Aboriginal people have been residing in the sandy area of the national park for more than 5,000 years, and there is archaeological evidence to back these claims. There is a likelihood the aboriginal people may have been there for longer. Butchulla people would reside on Fraser Island and also close to the mainland. On the island, you’ll get to glance at social, spiritual, and archaeological sites. There are also campsites, scarred trees, and artifacts.


The Butchulla would lead a self-sufficient and complex way of life. There came the point when Europeans started settling in the region, and the indigenous people were forced to relocate. Currently, the descendants of the Aboriginal people residing in the area are focused on sharing and protecting their culture, and it’s all tied to the natural and beautiful environment.


3. The Great Barrier Reef


The barrier reef is based in Queensland, and it is regarded as one of the natural wonders globally. The reef stretches for at least 2,300km, and it covers 35m hectares. There are colored corals beneath the water. At the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll get to glance at different marine creatures. Also, there are numerous tropical islands.

Turtle on Great Barrier Reef:Photo by Joey Csunyo on Unsplash

 Aboriginal people are the owners of this region. There are also different cultural sites on the islands based on the Great Barrier Reef. The aboriginal people possess ecological and cultural knowledge, and it comes in handy when it comes to managing and protecting the reef.


4. Nitmiluk Tours


This travel destination is also referred to as Katherine Gorge. Nitmiluk Tours is among the sacred sites based in the Northern Territory. Fortunately, it is accessible. You can partake in different activities throughout the day, including taking a cruise to the gorges. The indigenous locals have boats, and you can rely on them if you want to travel from one point to another at Katherine Gorge. There is also accommodation at the Gorge, and it is indigenous-owned. If you opt for a helicopter tour, it’s possible to gain access to the remote gorges, and you can enjoy private swims.


As a travel fanatic, the thought of aboriginal travel experiences may not have crossed your mind before. An aboriginal travel experience is whereby you get to partake in activities carried out by indigenous people and visit the areas where they reside. We’ve listed some of the popular indigenous travel experiences in Australia, and you’re bound to enjoy each one of them. Although we’ve only mentioned a few, there are more must-see aboriginal travel experiences.