Stay Safe and Save Money with New Windows

 Is your home draughty and your energy bills rising? Is the glass in your windows misty or the woodwork around the glass crumbly? Are the fastenings so simple they could be opened by an enthusiastic toddler? It might be time to replace your windows.

window with plants on windowsill:Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

Did you know the average life span of windows is 15-30 years? But how do you know when it's time to release them?

One of the first signs is draughts. Single pane windows are the most likely to start leaking air when the seals break down but even double glazed units can break down and allow cold air in. You might also notice that it takes longer and is more expensive to heat.

With double/triple glazed windows you might notice condensation between the panes and on wooden frames the wood might be crumbly, rotten and warped. You might find it is more difficult to open and close windows.

Photo by Mari Madriz on Unsplash

So deteriorating windows might affect your comfort and be unsightly but is there another reason to replace them? How about security?

Anyone who has been the victim of a break and enter crime can tell you it can cause immense distress and potentially long-lasting psychological issues. As teenager I was in the house alone when our home was invaded during the night via a beautiful but not particularly secure entry door with a stained glass panel they smashed through. Decades lates I still have panic attacks and am afraid of sleeping in the house alone.

Rotten or badly fitting windows are a welcome sign to potential thieves who cruise the neighborhood looking for homes with weak spots. Get well fitted windows with insurance approved locks and sleep secure.

So how do you go about finding someone reliable to replace your tired windows? You could take the easy route and do a quick internet search - type in something like "affordable window supplier in Aurora" obviously substituting the word Aurora for your own local town/city.

Look for someone offering windows with the latest energy saving features to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Check to see if their fitters are professionally qualified or members of recognised professional bodies - always check credentials advertised online or on promotional brochures.

Look for companies offering decent guarantees and check the company has insurance in case of accidental damage to your home or property.

You could try asking friends and family for recommendations although with new windows being quite a rare investment it might be tricky finding someone you know and trust who can offer a recommendation. Don't rely on a "my friend's second cousins neighbour" type of referrals and beware of people who may have been offered incentives to refer new clients.

If you have a few years left in your windows it might be worthwhile to plan ahead and start setting aside some money for the day you feel a shiver and realise your windows are on their way out. There are window replacement cost estimators online so you can get a ball park idea of just how much you are likely to have to pay. You never know, it might be less than you think.