What Does Your Home Exterior Say About You?

You can often date houses or their occupants by the colour schemes in and outside their homes. The shade you paint your front door and the styling of the frontage says almost as much about you as your clothes or hairstyle. So what do you think the exterior of your property says about you? 

Photo by Nik Guiney on Unsplash

My doors and windows are wooden and were stained a kind of mid-brown. They were chosen by my husband before we met and they were very practical, just like him.

I am a huge fan of British vintage and shabby chic styles and so we repainted them to be a beautiful shade of blue/green with a hint of grey. I changed door furniture to a olde-worlde style in black cast iron too and my mind it gives a hint as to what lies behind the door. 

I love quirky antiques and collectables, especially functional pieces like my bonkers coffee table which hides a secret - it's actually an antique commode chair with the porcelain bowl hidden under a wooden top. I also have an old wooden chest rescued from a dumpster at my children's school (with permission) which apparently used to be used to transport library books to and from the school on a regular basis. It's covered in stickers identifying the school and the local library. It's a bit battered but all the more charming for it.

I've noticed a lot of people have opted to update their facades with that very fashionable shade of grey which can be seen everywhere from cars to couches. It certainly seems to modernise some homes, especially when tamed with modern window dressings, exterior lights and landscaping.

But like bubble perms and fossil fuels, colours go in and out of fashion. (As an aside I've noticed a lot more brown cars on the road - is brown back in?) So what colour stands the test of time and adds elegance to every style home from new builds to heritage homes?

You can't go wrong with black. Black is timeless, goes with pretty much every colour scheme and material from bricks to rendered finishes. It adds sophistication to modern properties and maintains the character of older houses.

Black door:Photo by Landis Brown on Unsplash

Choose a black glossy front door or go for the maximum effect and team a statement colour door with black window frames for a wonderful dramatic finish.

House with red door and black window frames: Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

A decent supplier should be able to offer a variety of styles and materials to suit the style of your home and your personal taste. If you don't know where to start just do a swift online search. For instance if you are looking for black vinyl windows in Newmarket, simply type that phrase in and take it from there.

Top tip - ask a potential fitter where your windows are made. Apparently windows made in warmer climes may not be up to severe winters in colder countries. It might be cheaper to buy foreign windows but factor in the time and cost of shipping plus the risk they could get lost of damaged en route and it might be false economy in the long run.

Make sure you buy the most energy efficient windows you can get - look for Energy Star certification and design features to help save you money and save the planet. Ask for a warranty and make sure you read the small print before deciding to buy. 

Whatever colour or style you choose, make the most of your windows, doors and landscaped areas with styling to suit you. Check out Pinterest for ideas on how to display your personality and give your home real kerb appeal.