What Secrets In Bergen Warrant A Car Rental Road Trip To The City


Norway has a vast roadway that expands nearly 57,000 miles, with distances from one destination to another taking ample time. That means when travelers rent a car, they need to ensure they look for suppliers who offer unlimited mileage when visiting this expansive countryside. That is with one exception - the city of Bergen.

Bergen Norway


The small city boasts Norway's second city but is home to less than 300,000 residents. Instead of being what many who ponder the notion of visiting would presume to be a busy hub of a metropolis, the charming, almost town-like appearance showcases conventional homes with water surrounding one side and mountains highlighting the other.


Many people don't take road trips around Bergen in their leiebil - rental cars; it's more a foot-traffic district. More so, people rent vehicles to travel from other locations into Bergen as their final road trip destination for a few-day stay to relax and enjoy what the quaint area has to offer international visitors.


Most tourists are pleasantly surprised at the extent of activities and the beauty they can experience in their time in the low-key city, with many hesitating when their time there is over and they need to head back to the hustle and bustle of the typical cityscape. 


It spoils many for even wanting to head back home to the drudge of a chaotic day-to-day schedule. Let's see what secrets Bergen has that make it special to rent a car to make a specific road trip to the destination.

What Secrets In Bergen Warrant A Leiebil Road Trip To The City


Bergen is almost like a secret treasure in Norway, waiting for visitors worldwide to come and discover the quaint little city. Although the treasure trove has the designation as the country's second city, it is remarkably small, with the sum of its residents equaling no more than 300,000. 


Travelers who come with the anticipation that there will likely be crowds and a hectic pace are pleasantly surprised with a casual, comfortable, charming appeal. There is plenty of activity available for everyone to enjoy, making the city a favored spot for those using their rental car to seek out premier road trip destinations. 


What are some of the primary reasons people choose this quaint little city? Let's see.


     Nature surrounds the stunning second Norwegian city.


Bergen boasts a wall of water on one side of the city, while you'll see mountainous views on the opposite side. Visitors to the quaint location will experience an abundance of nature and plenty of outdoor activities on the outskirts of the city's center.


There are seven mountains around Bergen, providing a myriad of trails for hikers, while you'll also find shops to rent bikes if you prefer to explore the surroundings on wheels instead of on foot. Not only that, but with the bodies of water on the other side of the city, you can kayak or bask in the sun on the beaches. The water might not be particularly warm, but it can prove to be exhilarating. 


You won't need your rental car, meaning it'll be safe and sound while in Bergen since most of the sightseeing can be done on foot, by bicycle, or in the water.

     The view is worth the rental car alone.


The Floibanen funicular, the railway that runs 850m with a capacity to carry passengers above sea level to 319m within as soon as 3 minutes, is just over 100 years old. The system runs each day until 11 pm. The indication is that the views from the top of the surrounding city are astonishing, including the fjords.


It's worth the price of the ride (95 NOK) to get to experience the breathtaking scenes from a historic piece of equipment that in itself is a magnificent tourist attraction.


     Hunt through the streets for fine art.


Some "artisans" might not believe that Bergen could be the home of a hopping artistic scene with the conventional buildings and the old harbor. Still, they would be stunned by the vibrant murals supplying astounding color as they seek them out along each street corner. 


You can either join a tour or wander along on your own through the streets and peek into the various buildings with the works displayed in fine presence. Pieces that many of you will want to figure out a way to get back home to hang on your walls. The ideal way is to set it up for shipment, so it arrives back home when you do.


     Wander around the many museums famous throughout Norway.


"Kode" boasts as one of the largest museums located in the country and comprises four galleries joined in a house. It is home to the most extensive collection of "Edvard Munch" pieces situated outside of Oslo. You can purchase a single ticket that will allow you to see all four galleries throughout a two-day tour.


Leprosy Museum is located inside what was once a hospital in the 18th century-plus St. Mary's Church is known to be the oldest building in Bergen, running tours for the English language from Monday through Friday beginning at 3:30. 


There is also an organ festival many visitors enjoy until the 21st of August, plus public organ concerts each Tuesday until 7:30 in the evening.


     Try some of the city's "fiskesuppe."


Bergen is known for a traditional soup that has become a trademark for the city known as "fiskesuppe." It's a fish soup consisting of prawns, muscles, and fish dumplings that locals will reference more humorously as "fish balls." 


This is a staple in the region served in restaurants everywhere but especially at one establishment that dates back to the early 1900s that offers a creamy variation of what is a classic. 

     The Unesco Buildings


"Bryggen" is considered a primary attraction. The "Unesco world heritage site" comprises the Hanseatic wharf and a blend of colorful wooden structures. These are almost like "living museums," so surreal for tourists traveling to the small city to walk through the area and see these sights. 


These building foundations trace back to the 12th century. While the structures were constructed in 1702, these were severely ravaged by fires many times over the centuries. 


Strolling through the alleyways reminds a visitor of times gone past. Still, instead of merely presenting as a living museum, there are current boutiques, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy while taking in history.


Final Thought


Norway is a vast country that many people worldwide favor as a preferred destination for holidays, especially to see the northern lights. Renting a car means ensuring that you have unlimited mileage because you will surely use those miles in this country as you go from one destination to another since each is a long distance from the other. Go here for guidance on road tripping through Norway.


While planning your itinerary, you will see on the maps that it looks almost like a short jaunt from one location to another. Still, it would help if you genuinely researched further to learn the exact mileage from one place to another so you can schedule your rental car accordingly.


Fortunately, your trip to Bergen will be a one-stop-shop. Once there, you can park your rental safe and sound in a secure location and travel the quaint city either on foot, by bicycle, or even take a kayak on the water or a boat road. 


It's not a city where you will need to go on a road trip around the area. But it is a city where you will need to drive your rental car from your primary Norwegian location and then road trip back once your stay is over. 


Driving is the ultimate way to see Norway with the incredible scenery there is surrounding the beautiful country. There are too many places you need to stop and explore. Public transport doesn't allow that freedom.