6 Important Tips from Professional End of Tenancy Cleaners in London

Some people act like landlords are the only ones given to pulling a fast one on their tenants. Well, you should know that it could be the opposite.

This is even why regulatory bodies have made it mandatory for tenants in various parts of the UK to pay deposits. This is aside from their periodic tenancy fees and it is supposed to cover for lapses caused by the tenants.

end of tenancy checklist and cleaning supplies

It is also leverage to make sure tenants do all that is required of them before saying goodbye to a property. In this article, we will discuss how to avoid deposit refund complications by fulfilling your end-of-tenancy cleaning responsibilities.

But other than this, there are other helpful tips and tricks discussed here that will come in handy. This is why you are advised to follow through to the end and pay rapt attention.

Tips to Help You Get Back Your Deposit When Moving Out

end of tenancy checklist and cleaning supplies

There are cost commitments involved in getting a rented property in London. This is not only about paying your periodic rents and utility bills. As things are, tenants are expected to pay a security deposit.

This is to make sure landlords do not end up being cheated by tenants that damage property, owe rent, misplace items in the property, and fail to fulfill end-of-tenancy cleaning responsibilities. For more on this subject, you can visit: https://www.housingadviceni.org/advice-private-tenants/deposits-paid-landlords

However, experience has shown that some landlords become overbearing and try to avoid refunding the security deposit. To beat this, here are some professional tips:

Have Graphic Evidence

Avoiding the “my word against his” system of proving your point is the first step. This is because there are many cases where landlords get into heated arguments and disputes with their tenants over the condition of the property.

This is especially when the tenant is about to move out of the property. In some cases, the tenants are unable to get their security deposit or even a sizable amount of it.

To avoid this, you are strongly advised to have graphic evidence of the state of the property at the entry and exit point. Pictures and/or videos do not lie and this will help set the record straight if your landlord tries to pull a fast one.

Take an Incoming and Outgoing Inventory

Some things would not be pointed out even with pictures. This is why you need to take inventory at various stages.

You should take a good and detailed look at the property and take inventory the minute you move in. If there are any damages or complications and you choose to handle them, make sure your landlord is aware and that this is documented. This is so that your landlord does not claim you spoilt it.

Security Deposit Should not be with the Landlord

Surprisingly, this is one of the biggest mistakes that tenants make across London and the country at large. They do not mind how the security deposit is handled at the point when the tenancy begins.

This is not something you should take lightly. Against this backdrop, make sure the security deposit is with a third-party agent. You should know that several instituted service providers offer this service.

By dealing with them instead of having the deposit with your landlord, you stand a better chance of getting your deposit back. Also, the possibility of your landlord spending the deposit and trying to just make up a fault from your end is avoided.

Be Conversant with the Tenancy Agreement

person signing tenancy agreement

Everyone knows that the tenancy agreement is bulky and could be boring. However, being fully aware of all its details is important if you will get back your security deposit.

This is because there are things expected of you that are explained in it. You might be required to engage the services of professional cleaners rather than handle things yourself for instance.

So, you are advised to read up the tenancy agreement to know all that is required of you. This is also to avoid going back and forth with the property owner.

Use Capable Professional Cleaning Services

There is the option of self-cleaning to fulfill your end-of-tenancy cleaning responsibilities. This is unless the tenancy agreement mandates the use of professional cleaners.

But whether it is mandated or not, we have come to realize that using capable professional cleaners is better. This is because of their professional approach and other guarantees.

There are many situations in which the landlord stresses that the property was cleaned but it was not thorough. This could be possible as you are not trained to handle this manner of cleanup. However, this is not the same with these service providers.

So, you should make the most of their services when the need arises. However, make sure you engage the services of a capable professional house cleaning company for this purpose.

Be Aware of Your Rights as a Tenant

Some property owners can still be ridiculous even with all these tips adhered to. This is why you need to know when your landlord is crossing the line by knowing your rights as a tenant. The chances of your property owner refusing to release your security deposit are slimmer when you know your rights.

On a Final Note

Getting your landlord to refund your security deposit can be difficult or impossible if you do not know certain things. This is why we have filled you in on some tips to help get back your deposit. You are advised to make informed decisions in line with the information shared here.