Considering Breast Implants? 5 Factors That Help You Determine the Perfect Size

One of the biggest decisions a woman will need to make when seeking breast augmentation is the size. Changing the cup size of a woman's breast takes a practiced skill and great thought. It is essential women do not rush the process so they can be sure they are happy with their new breasts. 

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The Right Size Is Essential

Those who are considering Breast Augmentation Near Me need to make sure they choose the right size for their bodies. Size is especially an important consideration when a woman is getting implants over fat transfers. The cup size will be decided on by the woman and her plastic surgeon. 

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5 Factors to Determine the Perfect Size in a Breast Augmentation

There are multiple factors to consider when a woman is pursuing breast augmentation. Being aware of these factors will help a woman make the right choice for her needs. Consider the following when thinking about the right size for a woman's new breasts. 

1. One of the first considerations of a woman should be the anatomy of her body. A woman's body shape will determine what size and shape of implant the plastic surgeon recommends. Choosing the right size will complement the woman's anatomy. 

2. Age is also a factor for considering the size. Women who are younger have naturally elastic skin. Older women lose some of their elasticity. Older women will often need to go with a smaller-sized breast implant to prevent tightness and discomfort in the skin. 

3. Larger breasts can interfere with a woman's lifestyle. Women who are highly active may not want to go too large. A small increase will help a woman enjoy her new breasts without them interfering with her lifestyle. 

4. A woman's cosmetic goals will also determine the size she chooses. A woman should discuss her cosmetic goals with her doctor. It is important to go with the suggestions of the plastic surgeon for the best results. 

5. Women must also consider their overall health before choosing a size for their new breasts. If a woman is not healthy, she should not pursue breast augmentation. Certain conditions prevent a woman from getting breast implants, including autoimmune conditions. 

Choosing the right breast size is not easy. There are multiple factors to consider. A woman's new breasts should complement her figure and blend in well with her chest and waist sizes. When a woman tries to go too large, the results can look unnatural. By considering the above factors, women will be better equipped to choose the right size breasts for their body type and needs. 

Trying Out Breast Sizers

One of the ways plastic surgeons help their patients choose a breast size is by having them try out different sizers as they go throughout their normal day. It is important a woman considers how each breast size makes them feel and how it affects her lifestyle. It is always better to go smaller rather than larger. 

Discover Further Information

Women who are interested in breast augmentation need to make sure they choose the right size, based on the factors above. Taking time to research the options, listen to the advice of the surgeon, and try out different breast sizers will help a woman choose the perfect size for her body type and desired outcome. Schedule a consultation appointment with the plastic surgeon to learn more about breast augmentation.